The Great Krueger Cover Up!

Christy Clark: Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee

With all the hullabaloo and bullshit surrounding the outburst sitting MP and resident big mouth Kevin Krueger,
most people have forgotten that the Premier is about to slip away on air plane on her ill-timed vacation to Asia.

She should be here in the house showing leadership while a number of serious bills are debated or at least while all the mayhem is happening with the teacher’s contract.

This trip could have been scheduled after the house adjourned. Anybody tells you different is full of crap.

But no, as usual Premier Dementia was busy packing her bags and laughing at the whole episode.

Actually , I think she was laughing along with the MSM, who missed the point of Krueger’s blow-up.

That would be to help cover her tracks while she is leaving town.

They all got sucked in again!

She used the same strategy in April when the BC Liberals were busy getting hammered in the by-elections by using Harry Bloy to blow up and take the heat off during the final week.

We probably have a year of this in front of us leading up to the next election.

When will they ever learn?

Kind of makes you wonder who will blow up and be thrown under the bus when the Christy Clark Liberals screw up the PST legislation doesn’t it?