The Christy Clark B.C.Liberal government have caused all the labor disruption!

Unions attacking a wounded government!

In the news the last few weeks has been the teacher’s strike and all the procedures and wrangling in the legislature.

On the heels of that nurses and anesthesiologists are now calling for the government to hire extra workers.

There is also talk of a general strike amongst all government unionized employees.

The theory goes this is all occurring because the B.C.Liberals want the great fight with the unions and the NDP to show the public that they are the only choice to represent them after the next election.

Conventional thinking also says that Adrian Dix and the NDP will soon be forced out of their cone of silence and have to take a stand and support the unions at least until after the election.

What everybody fails to realize is that we are in this boat to begin with because the B.C. Liberal government is a very weak government and has caused the need for this plan themselves.

A strong stable government would have stopped this months ago.

The seed for this was planted during the election of 2009 when they denied they would bring in the HST only to be followed by the great sneaky reversal shortly there after.This was fumble number one.

Fumble number two was intentionally misleading the public with the deficit figure.

The third fumble was caused by new Premier Christy Clark who had the chance to clean this up when she was first sworn in but instead screwed up and the taxpayers wound up with a delayed needless referendum when the tax could have been scrapped in the house sooner.

We have now come full circle with the needless gaffes caused by this government bringing us where we are now.

So next time you here the government blaming the unions,the simple are doing what mother nature had intended: namely smelling a wounded bloodied animal and going in for the kill!

Don’t you agree?