Stick Up At the Gas Pump! #gasprices #bcpoli

As I got out of the car I swore….

As I got out of the car this morning I swore I heard a voice coming from the gas pump asking me to raise my hands and keep them where I could see them.

They finally snuck the price over $1.50 per litre. ( Langley BC if you are curious)

The next target will be $1.60 .

As I pumped ( it was either that or push ) I looked around the station .

The looks on peoples faces said it all.

I looked at the guy across from me and both of us said the 7 words you used to not be able to say on TV.

In fact I found myself hankering for the good old days, you know,last week, when they were giving the stuff away for $1.28.

I shouldn’t have been shocked,after all I have read Jeff Rubin’s excellent series of books wherein he says it won’t be long before gas is up over $2.00. ( perhaps a little longer than even Mr. Rubin thought but still inevitable).

What got me even more choked was that an hour later I passed that same station selling the stuff for $1.38.

Don’t tell me earthly tragedies caused the gas price to rise for an hour, that’s a load of crap.

Plain , pure and simple consumer gouging is what it is.

It’s enough to make even a guy like me who wraps himself in the Canadian flag start carrying his passport for the 15 minute trip to the US to save some money.

How about you?