The Michael Ignatieff Book Tour: What was the dumbest question asked so far? #canpoli #bcpoli #fireandashes #evansolomon

I can’t believe he asked him that………

These people call themselves investigative reporters.

Former Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff, writes a book of his experiences in Canadian Politics aptly titled Fire and Ashes and goes on the media circuit fielding questions and selling what looks like a good read.

To set the stage for the humdinger of a question and in case you have been living under a rock, Ignatieff held the top job in the Liberal Party and had his head handed to him not only in the last election by the electorate but in the aftermath by his own party.

Evan Solomon concludes his interview with this question ( forgive me I am laughing so hard I am having a hard time typing) are you considering running in the 2015 election?

This man just told you why getting involved in Liberal Party politics was one of the dumbest things he did, now you think he might want to spark up a spliff and become a flunkie in a Justin Trudeau led opposition?

You would have been better off asking him if he had considered throwing himself in front of one of those Go-Trains he lives near.

To think the CBC is our tax dollars in action.

Could there be a dumber question to ask Ignatieff?