Adrian Dix: When He talks YOU should be Listening!

Dix: There’s a sucker born every minute!

Adrian Dix has been doing a lot of talking in public lately and if the latest polls are to be believed at this point not many of the voting public are paying much attention.

It may be that it is not close enough to an election and nobody cares but it is time to listen because this is platform stuff that the electorate will be voting on.

One week ago Mr.Dix spoke to the Vancouver Board of Trade and advised them that if elected premier he would raise corporate taxes back to 2008 levels.

This should be of concern to the average voter because an increase in corporate taxes will either result in a loss of jobs or at the very least result in frozen or decreased wages in the private sector.

It has to, there will be less money for companies to allocate for raises or benefits.

On the heels of that we see reports today that Dix told reporters after a speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities that he would repeal balanced budget law if elected premier .

Dix claimed the law as is was a joke.

While I agree that the Liberals have made a mockery of the law, the nice thing about forcing a government to go before the house with hat in hand to ask to run a deficit is at-least it goes on Hansard .

This forces both a record ,a vote and yes the house to be in session.

To allow any government in this day and age to run a deficit and tell you later is heresy.

With Dix ( he has a history of forging memos and fare-beating) and the BCNDP’s propensity to raise taxes without warning why would you want to give them this license.

There can be no more open blank cheque book style of government; we have seen how the Liberals have handled that. ( Look at the bad press this week with government begging for money for senate elections that have not yet been put to the house yet).

Remember the 1990″s and the BCNDP fudget budgets and recall Dix played a leading roll with that group too?

If anything the law should be tougher,not repealed.The voting public should demand it!

What about being open and accountable before spending our money?

What do you think?