Adrian Dix got lucky..

Adjudicator Ian Pitfield found the tasering incident regrettable?

Regrettable because?

a) it took 4.5 years to bring this so-called “minor offense” to a conclusion?

b) had the BC Liberal government and TransLink installed the proper turnstiles in the first place this would have never happened?

c) he had to suspend a man who tasered some idiot who ran away from a ticket he would have never had to pay anyways?

The Common denominator in all of this ?

The Christy Clark led BC Liberal government.

Without their inept handling of the courts , Translink and their own internal collection system, this never would have happened in the first place.

So while you are enjoying your hard-earned weekend ( with all the tax increases believe me it was hard-earned) ask yourself this: Why did you vote BC Liberal in the first place?

With all their demonstrated incompetence will you dare do it again?