Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Statesman of the Year!

Well Done Mr. Prime Minister!

Nice job Mr. Prime Minister, Statesman of the Year!

The award, given to those who champion human rights and freedom, is no doubt an honor for the Prime Minister as it is for those of us who worked hard to put him in a position to receive it.

Prime Minister Harper is a principled leader who is not afraid to take strong stands on the issues that matter as evidenced by the recent closing of the embassy in Iran.

With all the economic turmoil and instability in the world, Canada is lucky to have a leader like Stephen Harper.

Well Done sir and thank you for making Canada look good once again on the world stage!

10 thoughts on “Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Statesman of the Year!”

  1. A well deserved honor for keeping our country out of major trouble while the rest of the world was essentially coming apart at the seams. And Mr.Harper had to do it even with all the help offered by the eastern liebrals,ndp’s and pq/blokhead parties whose major plan appears to be sink Canada as fast as possible,something like our BC liebrals.

  2. Somehow this news story has been “missed” by CBC. It is inconceivable that had Jack Layton won a socialist prize, headlines would have trumpeted it for days. Searching under awards brings up dozens of stories, including those won by CBC, but not this particular one.

  3. I doubt very much if Prime Minister Harper would snub a sitting Prime Minister of of one of the few functioning democracies in the Middle East in favour of an appearance on the Letterman Show. PMSH puts Mr Obama to shame

    1. Not at all.We have one of the strongest economic climates in the world and he has a track record second to none in human rights and freedoms. It’s no laughing matter.

  4. If you’re thinking of reading the comments in the Globe & Mail’s report on this, you had best stay away. It’s rather embarrassing reading the same drivel from the lefties. Leaves you wondering: Noam Chomsky much?

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