Premier Clark Shells out $67,000 taxpayer dollars to kick Chris Olsen out the door!

Chris got how much to leave?

What a joke. Sometimes Conservative,Sometimes Liberal,Sometimes NDP leaning Premier, Christy Clark shelled out $67,000 to get rid off press secretary Chris Olsen less than a year after SHE hired him.

This was one of a long list of gaffes that Premier Knucklehead has caused in her short stay in office.

As usual, the Premier’s mistakes are passed on to the Taxpayer. We got hosed again.

How many times will the Premier reorganize her office before she realizes the reason she is dropping in the polls is not the people she hires but a direct reflection of her.

Look in the mirror Premier, you will see the simpleton the rest of us see.

And please,do not hire any more staff,it winds up costing us a fortune!

In other news , BC Federation of Labor President Jim Sinclair, wants to stick it to small business even more and raise minimum wage up to $11.25 in November. This comes on the heels of today’s increase that took it to $10.25.

WTF Jim, while we are on a roll why not $12? There won’t be any small business left here to pay it anyways?

Take a look in the mirror too Jim, you might even see Christy’s reflection peering back at you.

That’s the kind of dumb idea she’d come up with.

What next?