Premier Clark is Gutless!

Tee Hee I didn't avoid it!

Our Premier,Christy Clark, is gutless. When asked a simple question about whether she smoked pot,she responded with the old style,gutless politician like answer ” I was in high school and I didn’t avoid it all together”

She then went on to ramble about being a role model for children and having to respond to tough questions like that.

What she said is so wrong for a number of reasons

1) People want their politicians to quit beating around the bush and answer questions dead on. That is the biggest thing people talk about in the coffee shops and yes I heard a lot of that on the door steps during the by-elections in Port Moody and Chilliwack.

2) The role model dodge is not in vogue either. In the Premier’s case ,as in mine, we have children. She should have discussed the drug issue at length with her son by now.This would include whether she smoked it or not.

3) Public officials , especially those running for the office of Premier, have their private life under a microscope. They have to be prepared to answer the tough questions. Whether you smoked pot or not is not a tough question to answer, given all the discussion about legalizing the drug lately.

4) Speaking of questions, in the same interview the Premier also dodged the question about whether pot should be legalized. Again people say time and time again when retired politicians come out in favor of legalization : Why could they not have taken a stance when they were in office,when they were in a position to do something about it.

The answer of course is that they were gutless as was Christy Clark yesterday.

Not only that, but the Premier,who has trouble connecting with people, and is down in the polls because of it, missed a wonderful chance to do just that.

Another blown opportunity.

BC Liberals must be proud.