Premier Christy Clark’s name surfaces yet again in a bad way!

It seems that not a day goes by without Premier Christy Clark and her campaign team having allegations pointed at then in a negative way.

First we found out about the Atwal affair after it was revealed that the gangster in question was invited to sit in the house and listen to the budget presentation.

Then, we were shown, through the keyboard of Alex G.Tsakumis, of the alleged improprieties with PIN Numbers and with consulate visits helping gangsters getting visas.

Today,Premier Christy Clark’s name came up in a piece in the Vancouver Province that alleges heavy-handed campaigning by a sizable donor to her campaign.

Kinda makes me think , as my mother as often said, ” Where there is smoke there might be fire”.

What do you think?

What will the next breaking story be about? Fundraising in a beer case?