Polls show Harper and His Team Headed in the Right Direction:Up!

A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words?

You can say what you want about Stephen Harper and his Conservative team but after all the Omnibus bills and what have you they are headed in the right direction.

That would be up, up by 1 % in the most recent poll.

This poll was also conducted after the first round of negative Tommy advertising put out by the Conservatives.

There will be all sorts of crying that the poll is not legitimate( There always is) or that it is too far from the next election to matter, but this poll confirms one thing.

It confirms what the media has been saying since the last election and it’s why the poll hasn’t been discussed that much today.

It’s this: The MSM Pundits have been predicting that the Liberals ( Marijuana Bob,Justin and Crew) are splitting the socialist vote with Tommy( gotta love the Carbon Tax) Mulcair.

The MSM hates it when they are right and the Prime Minister and the Conservatives come out on top.

It’s a good warning for the two opposition parties. They have a little over two years to get their act TOGETHER or risk being steam rolled.

Personally I don’t think any merger will happen until after the 2015 election. The Liberals and the NDP are made up of some pretty strong-willed members( especially the NDP) and they will sit tight and see what happens.

Contrary to an earlier poll I think Justin will have to spend at least one term in opposition where at leat he will be able to negotiate any merger or whatever from a position of strength.

What do you thinkwill happen on the way to Election 2015?

9 thoughts on “Polls show Harper and His Team Headed in the Right Direction:Up!”

  1. Stevie Harper thinks i won the election , i can do any single thing i want and there is nothing Canadian taxpayer can do. Stevie might try to replace all government workers using the “Temporary Foreign Worker program” to to by-pass Canadian workers and substitute with cheap foreign labor All they have to do is say the employees require “specialized knowledge”.
    Stephen Harper’s government responded by launching an international lobbying and marketing campaign, in partnership with industry and the Alberta government, to promote the oilsands industry abroad.Stevie Harper isn’t putting corporations before people. He is only putting OIL corporations before people. oil corporation official tell Stevie what to do.The money is just too big for Stevie and his corporate pals to refuse,Canadian taxpayer have zero say . Stevie Harper is George w Bush north. He has the same playbook.Stevie Harper doing everything in his power to dismantle every environmental protection law Canada has created.Enbridge complains that the laws are ‘too onerous’. Maybe they are onerous because that is what is required to protect the environment. The laws were put into place for a reason.The Enbridge pipeline is just a part of the this mad rush to fuel the USA and China. The government is jonesing like crazy to push this pipeline through and will try and change whatever legislation that is in the way to show the USA and China that they want to do business regardless of what Canadian taxpayer vote or think Oil wins, the 1% rule the 99% of passive , gullible taxpayers.Really nice how we the BC taxpayers say NO PIPELINE and the politicians we elected do an end around to stick it to us.

    1. Nobody has done an end around on anybody. last time I looked the pipeline in question hadn’t been built. As for the Prime Minister, his party has a majority and that gives him the right to excersise any options he sees fit taking into consideration he wants to get elected again.

    1. I think Harper is doing a great job in the social conservative arena. He is keeping them under control which is what most of the country and largely his party members want.

  2. Dude, you got to stop with the “What do you think?” endings to your posts. If you end the post with something thought provoking, you will get more responses as opposed to your predicable tag line.

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