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Back in 1991 a book was written by Georgette Gagnon and Dan Rath.

It was called Not Without Cause and was about Then Ontario Premier David Peterson.

Premier Peterson called an election he had no need to and was soundly thrashed by Bob Rae and the NDP.

Jim Prentice of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta should have taken a few minutes and read it.

He might have avoided the thrashing he and his party have taken tonight at the polls.

In fact he probably won’t even be the official opposition.

There was no need to drop the writ, he could have waited a year.

Instead Prentice and his team made a litany of mistakes they could never recover from.

Add to that a leader of the NDP who resonated with the people and it was all over but the crying.

And Crying there will be throughout all of Alberta if the NDP governs the way the NDP usually does. ( Rae days, Tax hikes etc.)

Contrary to what some of the pundits (idiots) on TV were saying this had nothing to do with the Harper government.

This result was strictly a black line through the provincial PC Dynasty.

Jim Prentice presided over that.

Perhaps he should look in the mirror.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Not Without Cause Part 2 #bcpoli #canpoli #ABvote #onpoli”

  1. I bet the federal conservatives are crapping themselves. They did not see this coming. Yesterday the Alberta conservatives were still expecting to win a majority. After all, this is conservative country – Harper country. It obviously seems to indicate that the drop in oil prices and the subsequent laying off of thousands of people in Alberta has the electorate more than just concerned. They are scared.

    There are still too many unemployed people and those that are worried about becoming unemployed, not just in Alberta but right across Canada. When the economy is booming and everyone feels rich, the conservative policies and philosophies are embraced but when economy dives then some drastic changes have to be made which are contrary to Conservative policies an philosophies. The Conservatives can't all of sudden embrace populous, socialistic policies without looking like hypocrites and panderers. I can hardly wait for the federal election to see how quickly Harper can change horses.

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