More BS From Premier Clark

Tee Hee-They will believe anything say!

I wrote yesterday the Premier lied to during her pre-budget tweets. She sent out the tweet saying there would be no tax increases in this budget.There was and therefore she lied. Full Stop!

Today,her explanation for the tweet was baffling.In an excellent piece by Justine Hunter of the Globe,Premier Clark said that there was not enough room in 140 characters for a proper explanation.

It’s one thing to lie,its makes the lie worse when you BS about it when you are called on it.

This is the kind of Mickey Mouse crap you would expect from a teenager, not the Premier of the Province.

This is not the first time the Premier has committed a gaffe on Twitter.In January she screwed up a tweet about mining.

She tried to tee-hee her way out of that too!

How does she expect to garner respect and be taken seriously when she acts like this. It is certainly not leader like.

The executive of her party and her MLAs must be embarrassed.As a taxpayer I know I am.

How about you?