Michelle Rempel Would be a Great Interim Leader for the Conservative Party of Canada #canpoli #bcpoli #cpc #conservativeparty

There is no other choice!

If you are part of the so called parliamentary caucus and your reading this, do the right thing and ensure that Michelle Rempel becomes interim leader.

If you are a volunteer or party member persuade or turn the screws to your “parliamentary caucus rep” to get behind Michelle.

If you just said what’s a parliamentary caucus rep. its your newly elected Conservative MP or sitting Conservative Senator.

Why Michelle?

SHE is young ( younger than Trudeau in fact) and that will ensure the new electorate will take notice.

SHE is highly energetic and will hit the ground running. The party can’t afford to sit around and wait to get things going,it gotta happen now and that includes fundraising and area that Michelle will be of great help.

SHE has sharp elbows and will not be afraid to hold the new government accountable.

SHE is a team builder and more than ever we need that skill now.

Did I mention she is a female? That will send an amazing message to another part of the electorate that needs to hear our message.

Michelle is the right choice, Make her the interim leader now and without delay.

5 thoughts on “Michelle Rempel Would be a Great Interim Leader for the Conservative Party of Canada #canpoli #bcpoli #cpc #conservativeparty”

  1. I see that the Conservative party is trying to pull a “WildRose Alliance” by wanting to appoint a Woman who is a “libertarian” and no doubt pro-choice and a whack of other pro-feminists things that most left leaning bleeding heart lib-tards are. Harper was bad enough with his appeasement of the left by ignoring the abortion, death penalty, immigration and gay marriage issues, but now that this thing is considered as leader we can surely expect that the so-called Conservative party has now officially merged with the lib-tards and ndp. It’s sure hard to believe that this party was once a product of Preston Manning and the West. Shit now it looks like something outta the east for God’s sake. BTW does she even speak French despite claiming French ancestry?

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