Kevin Falcon Retires from Politics or Does He?

I am going to spend time with my family now so that when I take off to Ottawa in a couple of years they will remember who I am!

Kevin Falcon announced this morning that he was stepping down from his ministerial positions effective immediately,serving out his term and leaving politics to spend time with his family and the new-born expected in February.

Admirable to be sure.

Also a definite shot at the Christy Clark leadership.

It could also be paving the way for a run at a Federal Conservative seat in 2015.( The newborn will be 2 by then)

Where will he run? The in the process of being created new federal seat in the soon to be called Electoral District Association of Surrey Cloverdale, that’s where.

By leaving now he escapes the slaughter that will be known as the May 2013 provincial election where the BC Liberals will almost certainly be wiped out.

What do you think, Is Kevin Falcon preparing for loftier goals?

5 thoughts on “Kevin Falcon Retires from Politics or Does He?”

  1. Thanks for the news. I've been wondering when Kevin (my MLA) was going let us know what he's doing.

    Could it be that he's pulling a Christie Clark with plans to make a comeback play for leader of the BC Liberal Party – after the NDP has worn out its welcome, again?

  2. I wouldn’t vote for Falcon or any other Fiberal for dog catcher. They’ve been screwing the people of BC for far too long, for far too much. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: “Never have so few done so much TO so many”.

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