Frank Klees Says Good Bye! #onpoli #canpoli #bcpoli #klees

Frank Klees: Premier Wynne: Do the right thing and give Ontario a Christmas Present; Give them the gift of an election!

One of the neat things about having lived in most major cities in Canada is that you get to meet lots of interesting people.

When you follow politics as close as I do, you also meet lots of politicians both good and bad.

Frank Klees is a good one!

I first met Frank Klees when he became an MPP in 1995 and I was a fundraiser for the party with the likes of Jim Ginou,Gord Walker and John Craig Eaton.

I met him after a presentation he did for a small group of us in the Albany Club. In fact I slipped him my card and told him I would be glad to help him if he ever needed it.

For those of you that don’t know, those were the days of the Common Sense Revolution.

I watched Klees move up thought the ranks through cabinet and take a couple of runs at the leadership. ( helped him from all the way out here in BC!)

He is the consummate team player and one of the best politicians I have had the pleasure of calling my friend.

Ontario will miss Frank more than they realize. He is a tireless MPP who goes to the wall for constituents and holds the current government’s feet to the fire.

Frank ,Thank you for your years of service. I have appreciated your work and all that it has taught me.

You have been a mentor form afar.

Prime Minister Harper would be on the right track to reach out to Frank and ask him to put his retirement off a bit.

He would be a great MP.

2 thoughts on “Frank Klees Says Good Bye! #onpoli #canpoli #bcpoli #klees”

  1. Many may be surprised to know the announcement that MPP Frank Klees will not seek re-election was received with sorrow by the animal loving community of Ontario.

    While Mr. Klees has accomplished a lot for the people of Ontario, Frank Klees has also been instrumental in working to protect the animals of Ontario.

    From stopping a massacre of 350 animals in May 2010, tabling a Resolution to bring accountability and transparency to OSPCA, to holding the Liberals feet to the fire over the subsequent investigation and more recently Marineland he has maintained his conviction to bring about changes which would help protect the animals of Ontario.

    Those of us who are advocates for the protection of animals, pet owners and animal lovers all over the province are heartbroken we will no longer have him helping with our struggle.

    Lynn Perrier
    Founder – RAAW
    Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare

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