Foreign Policy-The Final Presidential Debate!

National Security Will Be Front and Center Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night is the final presidential debate. It is strictly about foreign policy.

It is a chance for both candidates to spell out their vision on that topic.

Obama in particular has been hammered for not spelling out a vision for the country,let alone foreign policy.

This is important because national security, which is part of the foreign policy debate, is front and center on voters minds with all the goings on in the middle east.

Romney/Ryan have little experience in this area while Obama’s record is mixed.

Obama, if you recall, took out Osama Bin laden but has fumbled of late dealing with such issues as Iran,Syria ans the recent terrorist attack in Libya.

This past weekend Obama was hammered by the Romney people for the ‘leak’ regarding the apparent negotiations with Iran ( Iran eventually said the talks were a croc because they were not prepared to negotiate with anybody in the US on the eve of an election).

With the latest polls showing the race to the White house more or less even, tomorrow’s debate is shaping up to be the event that could decide the election.

What do you think will happen?

13 thoughts on “Foreign Policy-The Final Presidential Debate!”

    1. I would agree with your score which begs the question: As in boxing does the challenger have to score a knock-out to win?

    1. Given that Conservatives get blamed for allowing foreign investment into the country, your comment is hilarious!

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  1. For anyone paying attention Obama’s vision is very clear. He ensured the removal of accurate terms such as jihad and Islamic terrorism be removed. He did NOT take out Osama, but he tries to take all the credit as usual. He goes to the UN to make a speech about insulting Islam is unacceptable following on the murder and rape of an American ambassador. His weakness is well understood by the enemy and by others the least bit observant of events. It is difficult to imagine that anyone else would not be an improvement on the most anti-American president to date.

    1. I would have to agree anyone else would be a step in the right direction.

      Can you imagine a Romney presidency with Biden as the VP?

      Could happen if the vote is close enough.

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