Etobicoke Center-The Supreme Court Rules!

Ted wins the election all over again!

In a ruling that probably shocked no one( especially readers of this blog), except maybe for Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Supreme Court ruled that Conservative MP Ted Opitz can keep his seat and that the election results of May 2011 will stand.

The shocking thing was that the ruling was close. It was 4-3.

The court made the right call for the right reasons. They said that it would have been wrong for them to over turn an election result like this as it would have paved the way for more challenges.

It also is a rebuke of Elections Canada who will now have a little over two years to clean up its act as they prepare for the Canadian election or 2015.

The big loser in all this? Borys. He spent over $300,000 of his own money fighting this case.

Did the supreme court do the right thing? Did the Ontario court make a mistake in the first place throwing out the election results?

I think yes,what do you think?