Dix not even elected yet and he is already pledging to Spend YOUR Money!

What do you mean somebody has to pay for it? Thats what we have taxpayers for!

The election is over half a year away but the Adrian Dix lead BCNDP is starting to come out of the closet with some of their election platform.

Today Opposition Leader and Premier wanna be Adrian Dix pledged to pull out of the federal pipeline review and start one of his own.

I hope this expensive waste of time to score political points is going to be paid out of BCNDP funds because it duplicates the cost of the federal study already financed on the backs of the taxpayer.

One study, that’s fine and needed but two gimme a break.

Your federal cousin/brother Tom Mulcair already said this issue is dead in the water.

If that is so Mr.Dix why would you want to throw good money after bad?

This is no doubt the first in a series of increased taxes ( that’s what reviews are) that the NDP will announce in the run up to the election.

Question for Mr.Dix: Has this been costed and included as part of your platform?

If so what price tag do you put on this taxpayer funded review?

5 thoughts on “Dix not even elected yet and he is already pledging to Spend YOUR Money!”

  1. This guy sounds like another McGuinty. It appears that B.C. is hell-bent on tearing apart Confederation. It works for me since I’ve long thought Alberta should cecede. So good luck Mulcair, Marois, and Dix.

  2. The same way the fed ndp manage to breeze through the media without being question on their policies that will be a detrement to this country; the same the media plans to do the same with Dix.

    Remember the HST, and how the provincial and federal NDP pounded into the minds of the BCERS ‘how bad it was’, well , NS ndp gov raised the HST tax without a peep from the fed ndp.

    1. Amazing but true!

      Don’t notice the Federal NDP with all those virtual candidates who don’t speak French standing up and saying anything to help federalism during the Quebec election either!

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