Dix Is Done ! #bcpoli #canpoli

Will He or Won’t he?

No Shocker here. Adrian Dix has stepped down as leader of the BCNDP and will hang on until a successor is chosen.

This is the right thing to do on two fronts.

Stepping down allows the party a shot at renewal and hanging on until a successor is chosen prevents a quack from taking over as interim leader and making things worse.

This is a classy move by Dix and he is to be congratulated.

We wonder if Moe Sihota gets the message and will get out-of-the-way?

What would you do if you were Moe?

6 thoughts on “Dix Is Done ! #bcpoli #canpoli”

  1. NDP find another Justin Trudeau? Given current trends in socialist stupidity I wouldn't put it past them, but it would still somewhat surprise me. It still surprises the hell out of me that the Liberals think another Obama-Mania could sweep away our hearts this soon after the giant Obama let-down.

  2. It really doesn't matter who leads the NDP.As long as the Party clings to outmoded and unworkable socialist concepts,the voters will continue to reject them.

    The NDP needs to recruit members from the center instead of the far far Left.They need some members with business experience instead of labor agitators and career trough-hogs.

    In other words,move to the center, or stay on the outside. But whatever you do,Dippers,please don't try to find your Party's version of Justin Trudeau, politics doesn't need more "pretty faces".

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