Christy Clark:Amateurish and Sneaky!

Christy Clark: Paper Work? Who Knew?

I could not believe what I was reading this morning in a piece written by Jonathan Fowlie regarding the dismissal of Ken Boessenkool.

Tonight Vaughn Palmer follows that up with an excellent column of hos own describing the premier as amateurish and sneaky.

These are not exactly the qualities the voting public wants in a premier especially with the upcoming debate over the Enbridge pipeline.

It’s not exactly the confidence builder the folks who just left the BC Liberal get pumped from the election convention want to read about either.

It is basic human resources cover your ass stuff to have documented files from everybody that saw,knows and talked about the type of complaint lodged against Mr. Boessenkool.

In fact most companies I have worked for document files on 3 month junior employees just in case.

The type of complaint leveled against Boessenkool, senior employee, is not only documented but referred to legal counsel before anybody gets disciplined let alone canned.

Politics, as even a beginner knows is ass covering 101 so even Clark at the very least knew to get the file going unless as Alex Tsakumis says something worse is hiding behind the proverbial curtain.

Her actions speak more of a senior level employee in over her head and stressed out than a strong leader or Premier for BC.

It also makes you wonder how complicit she might have been in the BC Rail case, for amateurish and sneaky are qualities somebody trying to cover up that fiasco would have too!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Christy Clark:Amateurish and Sneaky!”

  1. Actually, Clark has been know to take credit for things she had nothing to do with. How many of these deals would have materialize without the trip to Asia, and of course Clark has a habit of not telling the truth and exaggerating. As far as hydro rates go, why stop there. Why not override ferry rates, ICBC rates, MLA pensions and salaries, bridge tolls and the list goes on. After all, the NDP will be stuck with the repercussions after the next election, so why should she care.We want an honest government. So tell us the truth about B.C. Rail.???how can anyone with a shred of decency, morals, intelligence, integrity, honesty and common sense defend the liberals on how they govern this province. The only thing that the liberals have going for them is voter apathy.After so many years of selling off BC to foriegn powers and filling BC with foriegn workers (legit and illegal) there will be a payback for the FIBERALS.
    This so called free enterprise game will cost us all while the politicians get rich from the secret deals they deny.The Bc liberal supported Temporary Foreign Worker program is increasingly little more than a government-sanctioned way for big business to by-pass Canadian workers and substitute with cheap foreign labor The federal government needs to revoke the company’s Work Permit as the Labor Market Opinion (LMO) should never have been granted by HRSDC in the first place.I have a feeling our language law in Quebec would prevent this somewhat poor though out idea to scam passive, gullible , Canadians.

    1. You would be right in Quebec.It never would have got that far,especially with a PQ minority.The language police would have swooped down in no time!

  2. Was this a deliberate thing so it left it open for KB to sue and the victim to sue? After all, if there is no paper trail, who knows what happened, what was done and what justified his resignation? Christy has again sold the taxpayers of the province down the river with her arrogance and stupidity!!!!

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