Canadian Press: It’s a Sad Day if you are a Voting Member of that Organization! # bcpoli #canpoli #canadianpress

All Voting Members who voted to make you know who the Newsmaker of the year should hang their heads in shame.

What a joke the Canadian Press is. I can’t think of any other way to put it.

At a time when most people are beside themselves with the glorification of idiots,knuckleheads and murderers in the press, these idiots vote one of the worst ones as the Newsmaker of the year.

Just what nut-bars need, more free publicity.

As far as I am concerned, none of these people are responsible enough to deserve holding down a job of a profession that used to be held in high esteem.

They will all have blood on their hands if future tragedies along the same lines occur.

I am disgusted.

Enough said.

Rob McElheran says:

Unfortunately, we don't have real journalists anymore.Just lefty mouthpieces spouting nonsense to those who don't listen anymore.

Vegger Formo says:

and it took you how many years before you found out the MSM are criminal slime?

frances10 says:

Leeches, the whole boiling lot of them. And shameless with it.

Lenore Bridge says:

I agree completely. Warren Kinsella wrote a column on that subject just this week. Giving these criminals the limelight is exactly what they want.