BC Provincial Politics: A New Party On the Horizon? #bcpoli #canpoli #itsabouttime

A New Party Where Blue Meets Green?

The streets have been rumbling with rumors of a new party starting up in BC.

It would be a party that is fiscally conservative,socially moderate/accepting and cares about the environment.

The party would be constituent based in that elected MLA’s would vote how their constituents want and not have every vote whipped.

It would be a party where young people are taken seriously.

Sounds intriguing,

Stay tuned as the story unfolds I’ll report it here.

14 thoughts on “BC Provincial Politics: A New Party On the Horizon? #bcpoli #canpoli #itsabouttime”

  1. The Utopia Party? Perhaps a revitalized Marijuana Party….'cause ya gotta be smokin' something, if you think you can bring those ideologies together, without a fight on the inside.

  2. Direct Democracy, proposed party, is not a merging of "BLUE AND GREEN" as much as it is centrist in nature.
    One agenda, one goal to place ALL politicians under the control and oversight of voters.
    All votes in the legislature would be free votes and all legislation, would at the discretion of voters, be subject to repeal, change to something more desirable to voters, or do nothing at all.
    Any votes of the citizens would be binding on the legislature to enact.
    Anything the voters collectively want politicians to do, (and they won't) the voters may force the politicians to do by referendum and the politicians MUST do it.

    Direct Democracy BC only lacks for an accountant and we are away to the races.

    ONE AGENDA and ONE TIME as government and we are gone.


  3. The new Party should be named the "Fantasy Party", because if anyone actually believes that a group of politically motivated people will live up to their high ideals, they are fantasizing. I prefer honesty in politics, and may start a Party myself.I'll call it the "Hogs at the Trough Party" and our goals will be obvious.

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