BC Liberals Via BC Hydro : Liars,Bullies or Both? #bchydro #bcpoli #bccp2013 #nosmartmeters

Borrowed this picture from a reader!

I got a message on my cell phone to call BC Hydro immediately.

Once I got to my office I returned the call.

Me: Hello it’s Jeff Bridge I got an urgent call from you, what’s up?

BC Hydro Employee or Call center employee I am not sure which: Thank you Mr. Bridge I was calling to let you know you are the last person left in BC That does not have a smart Meter installed.

Me: Really the last person?

BCHE: Yup and we would like to send somebody out and get that job finished today. Is it convenient?

Me: No ( in hysterics ) in fact I can tell you for fact that I am not the last person who doesn’t have a smart meter/

BCHE: You are

Me: No my neighbor doesn’t have one either as evidenced by the sign covering his old meter telling you to stay off his yard and not to install one. Do I have to walk down the street and do a meter count and make you look even worse. I have no intention of dealing with you any further because you lied and I am not in the habit of dealing with liars.

I wonder how many other people received calls like this?

What could be stupider given all the press over all the that people have refused smart meters.

Is it any wonder that is the approach they would take with their customers given the example set by the current government? ( Just look at the recent round of phone calls on the Surrey Casino project as evidence of how they do business)

They must have all been trained by Rich Coleman.

What next?

Threats in the budget lock up?

9 thoughts on “BC Liberals Via BC Hydro : Liars,Bullies or Both? #bchydro #bcpoli #bccp2013 #nosmartmeters”

  1. Send letters and emails to every candidate that is wanting your vote on election day.Let them know that you will only vote for the one that promises to allow opt out for smart meter and agree to remove any unwanted meters already installed. Sweeten the pot by agreeing to purchase the replacement meter as they can be purchased commercially for around $75.00 . Trespassers after hours are most easily discouraged by turning on a sprinkler system or garden hose.Just post No Trespassing signs and let them choose their actions.

  2. We are the fortunate recipient of a shiny new “Smart” meter,installed by “stealth”.

    Fortis called and said they were going to be doing a maintenance replacement of a faulty meter. We asked if they were installing a Smart meter, they said no it was just a maintenance issue. The work was done while we were not at home.

    We now have a SM and our Bill has increased by $20 a month.

    Good luck fighting the bastards!

  3. I had sold my house and leased for 6 months in Qualicum Beach .
    We were having our coffee one morning and heard scratchy noises at the end of the house.

    I stuck my nose out the garage door and here is a hard hatted fellow tearing off siding trim to get at the meter.
    Me, Who are you and what the hell are you doing?
    Him, Snootily, I am a private contractor working on BC Hydro private property.
    Me, You are on private property, get lost!
    Him, I knocked on the door and left a notice.
    Me, So what ? You are still on private property.
    Him, Answer your doorbell !
    Him, I could see you in there through the window????
    Me, GET! OFF! MY! F*****G Property NOW!
    Him, Can we start over?
    Me, As soon as you get OFF MY PROPERTY!
    He Left, apparently he had rung the bell, all my dear old wife saw was a large man in coveralls and did not answer the door, I was in the shower.
    This gettle readers is just one more reason not to vote for Christy grateful MILF and her band of arrogant thieives.
    We have since bought a nice bungalow in Parksville, it was a “power smart” house so two meters,.
    In 1998 Hydro stopped the transfer of the power smart contract to “new” owners.
    This did not prevent th next e Contractor from trying to tell me that I would “lose” this advantage if I refused his “Smart Meter”
    I called him for lying and insulting my intelligence.
    So I had the pleasure of telling two flunkys to “GET OFF MY LAWN” Thanks Clint.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am damn tired of being pushed around by people who are being supported by my taxes.
    Cheers Bubba Brown

  4. No, of course you are far from being the only one without a smart meter. Most people around here have refused them, and where they have installed them it makes no sense. I should explain that this is a rural and farm area, where several have a separate meter for their barns and shop and a different one for the house. The result was installing a smart meter only for the house and telling the owners there were no plans to install another for the barns and shop, where most of the consumption occurs. Claiming the reason for smart meters is to save time and money by eliminating the need for a meter reader is clearly not true in view of this.

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