BC Conservative Leadership Results- It’s Cummins!

71% say Good Job John!

Well the numbers are in.

1115 BC Conservatives cast ballots. This is a huge number of people who got involved.

788 BC Conservatives ( 71%) said John Cummins should not be subject to a leadership review!

Conservatives in the hall united in applause,as the party pledges to move forward and capture seats in the upcoming May election.

On the heels of this historic win Cummins and team proposed via a news release major changes to the rules governing sittings in the Victoria legislature.

Most notably the fall sitting, under a BC Conservative Government,will be used as a means to scrutinize expenditures relating to taxpayers dollars.

Deputy Ministers, Crown Corporation executives and the like will be called to face committees not only to account for expenditures for the previous years but also to answer for projections for the upcoming year.

A novel concept, the house being used for serious government business.

The May 2013 election just got interesting. The electorate now has a chance to vote for real change !

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “BC Conservative Leadership Results- It’s Cummins!”

  1. This is great news for the BC Conservatives, and for the people of BC. Cummins would make a great Premier, IMO. Anything can happen in the next election, perhaps Comrade Dix won’t get to destroy the economy and push his warped ideology after all. The media won’t like this, as they are in the tank for the NDPQ. Perhaps adults will run the Province after all.

    1. Actually nothing is guaranteed.

      The BC Liberals put the NDP in a position to win the their tax and spend corrupt government.

      But The NDP has yet to come out with a platform other than Dix saying they were going to raise corporate taxes, hardly a vote getter.

      The policy that Cummins released at yesterday”s AGM regarding the fall sessions is a winner.

      It aint over till it’s over and May 2013 is still a ways off.

      1. “raise corporate income taxes, not a vote getter”

        Oh God you have no understanding of politics. Here’s a protip: the people-especially a lot of BCers-are really stupid. Cummins will turn them off and they will vote against his style. Cummins will bungle just as Ford has. WE’RE DOOMED.

    2. Just correcting a typo: I’m sure you meant to type the BC Libs have guaranteed 4 years of Comrade Dix through around 10 years of being relatively indistinguishable from Comrade Dix’s plans for inflating BC’s debt yet further.

  2. John Cummins gave a great speech today. If people had principles, they’d vote Conservative.

    For the record, there’s no G in Cummins.

  3. Too bad since they now stand no chance of winning an election. It seems that any comments unfavourable to Cummings get deleted on this site, which is unfortunate and prevents an honest discussion.

    1. Why on earth would you say that? I publish pretty much everything as long as it is not spam. My stats show I have published 7 of yours.Is something missing?

      1. Perhaps there is a bug in the system. I have noticed more than once after posting and getting the message that my comments are awaiting approval but for some reason never show up. I apologise for thinking it was you and thank you for responding.

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