Basi: I ain’t no Adrian Dix!

David Basi: No Choirboy but No Adrian Dix either!

So with all the discussion about the memo written by David Basi, what if he thought he was going to get away with it.

What if he wanted to cross his I’s and dot his T’s and not get accused of backdating memo’s like Adrian Dix did?

Given the time frame Basi’s memo was written coming on the aftermath of the Dix/Clark scandal, why aren’t the main stream media taking this more seriously?

I mean after all the ridicule that Dix was put through and still is, who could blame the guy for at least being careful with memo’s?

Just saying….

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Basi: I ain’t no Adrian Dix!”

  1. Just shows you how bad the lamestream media is in this province. There was a time when they’d investigate stuff like this instead of just covering blogger’s work.

  2. If justice is meant to be blind in our democracy, then it’s imperative a free press exercise something other than tunnel vision. I put this up on Twitter today, after I realized the BC MSM is a house divided on the issue of David Basi’s credibility. On the one side are journalists who claim his memo is based on hearsay, he is not credible, and thus it is not a story. This is far more than a case of he said, she said, though. It is about media-made decisions as to what material citizens have available and can use to make an informed decision on matters of ethics, public policy, and the function of government.

    On the other side, are those media members who may or may not personally believe the contents of Basi’s memo. However, they are prepared to do their job and look at the much bigger and broader picture: namely, the preservation of the integrity of the Office of The Premier by means of a thorough examination of Basi’s alleged claims. Simply because a person is a criminal, doesn’t preclude their ability to report another crime they see in progress. Two wrongs don’t make a right thinking journalist squeamish merely because the one pointing to greater improprieties has committed lesser offenses.

    Basi’s breach of trust, and his offering of and accepting of bribes resulted in a plea bargain and a criminal record. Yet, if these allegations about Premier Christy Clark are not put to the proof of vigorous media cross examination, but summarily dismissed because the one who reported it was somehow lacking credibility, then we are left the poorer for it. If indeed Premier Clark has nothing to hide, then she has nothing to fear from an inquiry.

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