Welcome to the Strike Capital of the Free World, AKA Christy’s world!

Raise your hand if your name is Alison Redford!

Super Natural British Columbia, the place where people come from around the world to…

Go on Strike.

It is starting to sound a lot like the 90’s and the NDP aren’t even in power yet!

Today ICBC workers voted for strike action

This comes on the heels of the teachers who have threatened to strike and withhold extra curricular activities from students ( score that one 73-27 in favor of the dissidents).

Who will threaten to go out next?

Taxpayers maybe? Investors?

The current NDP lite government, who tries to fool the public into thinking they are Conservative, are considering going back to the center?

Seems inept Premier Christy thinks she is in Alberta and she can be like Alison.

Problem is two-fold

One if you are a right leaning government and you want to drift to the center you have to raise taxes to do that and

Two she can’t be like Alison because she is the most hated Premier in Canada.

So maybe when she says she would consider a name change she is not talking about the party,maybe it’s her own name she wants to change.

Won’t help; if it walks like a Christy and talks like a Christy it must be ,well, Christy.

So when I ask who will threaten to strike next,the answer: taxpayers because we aren’t gonna take it anymore.

Would you agree?