Translink is another BC Liberal Mismanagement story

The BC Liberal Government's farebeat collection system is Mickey Mouse!

Today, Translink CEO Ian Jarvis sent a letter to employees defending their bonuses and their hard work.

That’s all well and good but the heart of the problem with Translink lies with the BC Liberals and their uncollectable farebeat program.

The revenue, is reported to be in the area of 154-232 million ,has been lost in the years starting in 2000. ( This doesn’t count the money spent producing the tickets and administering them)

What you should be concerned about is that the revenue from collected fare-beat tickets went straight to government coffers and not Translink themselves. ( This is wrong too as the revenue if collected would help Translink run their business.)

What should concern you most is that your BC Liberal government didn’t even know it was missing.

This means the whole time they were trying ( are still trying) to shove the HST down your throat, they didn’t need to.

As taxpayers we all should be outraged!

They could have toughened up their collection approaches all the way back to 2000 instead of letting fare-beaters have a free for all.

During the last election the BC Liberals told you not to vote NDP because they were the best team to manage the economy.

Judging by the job they have done with Translink’s money, they lied. ( The first lie of many)

Thursday,if you are lucky enough to live in Chilliwack or Port Moody you have a chance to hold them accountable.

If you want to send the Premier and her entourage a message, Vote BC Conservative.