Thousands Protest on Streets In Quebec, What about here in BC? #bcpoli #canpoli #bchydro

When is the BS going to Stop?

I get that thousands of people are protesting on the streets in Quebec over the secular charter, they should. They should also be screaming about the mess the Parti Quebecois made of their economy!

They are not.

Likewise here in BC.

The newly elected BC Liberal government has not learned a thing.

This week they are floating trial balloons of 26.4 % increases in Hydro costs . They also want to jam you $35 per month for opting out of the smart meter program.

They want you to think they are heroes when those increases come through at 19 or what ever incestuous number they all arrive at.

Meanwhile over at the BC Ferries the board gets fat increases and bonuses.

Privately people complain, but when are they going to do something about it?

We know you can; the HST movement proved that.

When will the people say enough is enough?