The Clark BC Liberal Government Ranks with Quebec as the most distrusted Provincial Government in Canada!

You wish now you hadn’t kick me out so soon don’t ya. I was the straw that stirred the LIberal drink! Now look what you are left with!

Think about that for a moment.

In a new poll released today 67% of British Columbians polled do not trust their Provincial Government. ( Where on gods green earth did the pollsters find anybody that trusted them, it must have been Liberal family member day to answer the phone)

By that very number the Clark BC Liberals are toast!

All the Mike Morton’s in the….Never Mind you can’t trust him either!

This poll,in light of more BC Rail Documents just released will actually flatter Clark and her lying Liberal team.

As far as poll numbers go, they will get worse.

Single digits here we come!

They will soon be shouting bring back Gordo!

It’s over, stick a fork in it Christy.