The BC Citizen’s Fiscal Cliff

Happy New Year..LOL

As we ring in 2013, all of us in BC will wake up closer to our own fiscal cliff.

Starting January 1, 2013 ( Tomorrow for those who have been sleeping away the holidays) you will see increases in the following: 1) Property taxes 2) Utility bills 3) Health care premiums 4)Employment Insurance Premiums ( your cheque will be less to pay the increases above) 5)Canada pension premiums 6) Bus fare
7) Ferry fare .

Further on in 2013 expect to pay more to cross the Port Mann,trans link taxes,more property taxes and whatever else they will raise to balance the budget.

If you are an employer you match premiums so you will have an increase there too! You will also get to pick up the tab for Christy Clark’s brand new Family Day.

The year is already off to a grand old start isn’t it!