Donald Trump: The most talked about political story in 2015 , 2016 and maybe 2017 #uspoli #canpoli #trump #election2016 #bcpoli #republican

Everybody talked about me last year and they are certainly going to talk about me this year and if I get my way 2017!

Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure; you talked about him in 2015.

From mainstream media,to bloggers through Facebook and Twitter Donald Trump was all the rage.

He will be this year too!

The US election is not until November 8,2016 all but guaranteeing Trump will be in the news for eleven months of the year right?

As you look into the New Year consider this: When you are saying good bye to 2016 you will be saying either of these two things:

1) We dodged a bullet there, imagine what would have happened had Trump won OR

2) It’s only 20 more days ( Jan.20,2017 ) until Trump gets inaugurated.

Either way, you will still be talking about him and thats why Donald Trump gets the nod as the most talked about political story of last year, this year and maybe next!

Political Insider asks: Where were you November 22,1963? #bcpoli #canpoli #uspoli #jfk

Where were you November 22,1963?

It’s fitting that the word nation plays a big role in the word assassination as the events of November 22,1963 ( 50 years ago) certainly gripped not only the U.S. nation but the whole world.

I was a kid, 7 years old and I remember like it was yesterday all the pomp and circumstance leading up to the presidential visit to Dallas.

Even with two TV stations and a pair of rabbit ears all you heard about was the visit.

Speaking of rabbits, I remember what I was doing when the fateful moments occurred.

I was living in Winnipeg and either sick or home for lunch sitting in front of the TV watching a Daffy Duck cartoon on the Bugs Bunny show when the station cut in and pretty much preempted your life for the next little while.

Even at 7, I remember shedding tears and watching the whole thing with utter amazement.

I remember the funeral as I watched it on a friends TV ( the Saunders family actually) and how sad it was.

Imagine as in the image above a 3 year old boy saluting at his owns fathers funeral ( He would later meet with his own grisly death in a terrible airplane accident).

As a kid I remember wondering if I would experience this again in my lifetime. ( That year I had already had my first experience with unplanned death as my young friend Denise was run over by a car more or less in front of me. Her lifeless body under the front wheel of the car still haunts me today as I am sure it does the women who ran her over and Mrs. Small my former kindergarten teacher who tried to save her.)

Little did I know it would only take 5 years and JFK’s brother would suffer the same fate ( I was in bed sleeping, my mother woke me to tell me ) as would Martin Luther king Jr. ( Hawks and Bruins hockey game preempted).

Fifty years ago the world changed for this young kid in a way I never would have thought possible.

Other children experienced a far worse life altering event back in 1914 when an certain Austrian prince was shot off an horse leading to the start of the first world war.

But that was the event for my young times.

Do you remember what you were doing on that fateful day?

Nice Continent This North America Eh! #bcpoli #canpoli #usapoli

I am telling the Truth sir, there is nothing going on in North America!

It’s only fair if Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail can write about discussions with his Uncle Fred on Galiano Island, I can at least report on discussions our alien friends are having this week as it relates to North America.

I can only imagine what one Alien Underling would report to his Commander on the goings on ( or not ) on our continent in the last week.

It would go something like this:

Commander: What have you to report from your post overseeing North America?

Underling: Nothing.

Commander : What do you mean nothing, that cannot be !

Underling: It is so, this week.

Commander : Explain yourself or be replaced!

Underling: Sir in the USA everything is closed, the government is shut down. They were discussing something called ObamaCare but one side just walked away shutting down the government. Right now the man named Obama who seems to be the inventor of the care is threatening them with a debt ceiling whatever that is. They are not listening. I think it should be called Obamawedon’tcare!

Commander: Surely something must be happening in Canada?

Underling: No Sir the man they call the Prime Minister has prorogued parliament. That means in a sense they too are shut down.

Commander : What about in your favorite place to report from BC, surely there is something to report there. Nary a week goes by without Premier Clark and her government getting themselves in some sort of trouble?

Underling: Not this week sir. Premier Clark refuses to open the government’s place of business and has herself pretty much gone into hiding.

Commander: Into hiding?

Underling : Yes sure she tried for some sort of thing called a quick win and is now being investigated by something called the RCMP.

Commander: What happens if she is found guilty

Underling : I am not sure sir. By all reports the RCMP shot somebody with a 3 inch knife 9 times and tasered him. I can’t imagine what they would do for quick winning.

Commander : Is there anything on the horizon that you will be reporting on other than nothing?

Underling : yes I have heard of something called a BC Conservative AGM……..