The BC Liberals: One of the First Things they should do! #bcpoli #canpoli #@christyclark

Official Party Status?

Now that the numbers are settling in and the future looks fixed for the next 4.5 years with a BC Liberal majority (I say looks because this is BC and things can change in a heartbeat) what should the BC Liberals do?

They should run out and find a safe BC Liberal seat for their leader to run and try to regain entry into the legislature with right?

Not necessarily because there is no guarantee that she would win or that a new MLA in a safe seat would want to step down. (Do you really think Andrew Wilkinson or Gordon Hogg would want to fall on their sword for Clark?)

I think one of the first things they should do, now that the Green party of BC has won a seat, is to grant them official party status. It’s within the rules of the house to do that and would be the nice thing to do right?

Yes but they should do it but not because it’s nice or right, right. The BC Liberals should grant official party status because it would all but guarantee them election victory in 2017.


If you believe as a lot of people do that the Green vote split caused the NDP to lose a number of seats they should have won, then granting them that status will allow them to get even stronger and split the vote in even more seats in the future.

It would allow Premier Clark to further distance herself from Gordon Campbell who refused the BCNDP Official party status after they were thrashed in the polls and reduced to 2 seats in 2001.( This staement assumes that Clark does not get 801’d by her own party even though she won an election)

Thirdly and just as important; is that this election was one the NDP should have won, not just because of the polls but because of all the scandals and mayhem caused by the Liberal party. It was BCNDP’s to lose and lose they did.

Furthermore, with the rise of the Green party, this election was probably the NDP’s best and last chance to win an election in this province.

Granting first party status to the Greens would make the turmoil that was seen in the NDP with the beheading of Carol James seem like a walk in the park.

That turmoil, if you believe the BCNDP is a provincial arm of their Federal party, would also extend itself into the next federal election in 2015.

That would benefit either of the forces in the BC Liberals, Conservative or Liberal.

Extending an olive branch to the Greens and granting them first party status would be a win win for a party who likes quick wins.

Premier Christy Clark: She Broke the Law and Lied about it!

One of these people broke the law and lied,do you know which one?

So Premier Christy Clark is once again in the news. This time for not only breaking the law but also for blatantly lying about it!

Clark,who went through a red light at 5:10 am one morning shrugged it off because of the time the in fraction occured. This from the Premier of the province who should know better.

Her shrugging off the infraction because of the time, sends a messgae to drug drivers, gang hit people and all other scoflaws that breaking the law is okay as long as you do it around 5 am when no one is apparently watching.

I can only imagine the bodies piling up as a result of the Premiers statement.

To make matters worse she blatantly lied about her statment and claimed she did not say that when it is clearly on video.

So our Premier, who is running in election 2013, thinks it’s okay not only break the law but cover it up!

On May 14, 2013 do British Columbia a favor, help the Premier pack her bags and vote her out of office.

Enough is enough!

Election Eve: Today’s BC Liberals Continue the Tradition and Break the Rules! #bcpoli #webelieveinbc #yvr #langley

Today’s BC Liberals: They make me sick!

So we are a half day or so away from the election and already the Liberals have been caught cheating by putting up election signs in public places.

While the City of Surrey is busy driving around removing the signs of the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberal candidate in Surrey-Newton, Rich Coleman’s crew undercover of darkness has their sign process underway.

Surrey Newton’s candidate is new to the Today’s BC Liberal Front lines but already Sukhminder Virk is fitting in with these modern-day pirates.

Is it any wonder why these guys will lose the election?

The people of BC are crying out for open honest government, these people are running around breaking rules faster than they can make them. ( of course when the house only sits for 19 days, most of which the premier was worried about her government falling, there wasn’t much time for rules).

Do I hope folks driving in will see the signs tomorrow?

I do and I want them to all think about all the lying and cheating that got the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals in the predicament they are in now.

As you drive in if you hear about the promises , see the signs, please remember the lying and cheating with BC Rail and HST. Think about Mary Polak and her crew getting sued to release the files the Children’s advocate.

Tell your neighbors and friends, not this time!

These people have to go!

Moe Sihota and Christy Clark: Two Bollywood Actors Who Deserve Each Other! #bcpoli #bcndp #election2013


One One hand you have a premier who undoubtedly thinks that in her heart she is a Bollywood actress and on the other hand you have a simpleton NDPer who after his party slams the BC Liberals for the sham that is known as the “faux” Bollywood awards, cozys up right next to her proving once and for all he ( Moe Sihota) is politically inept .

Of course Sihota is no garden variety NDPer, he is the President and he should know better.

This is also no climb up the IQ scale for Clark as she once again demonstrates that she is clueless as she hitches herself up to Sihota and his checkered past.

Lets be clear, this is not a case of two parties working together, this picture is an example of the kind of rank opportunism that both Clark and Sihota are famous for.

If Adrian Dix and his team had been thinking election 2013 would be a cake walk, Sihota linking himself up with the Faux Premier at the Faux Bollywood awards will remind the public how similar and sleazy these two parties are.

It’s just another reason why it’s time for a change as the two so called main parties continue to show a mirror image of themselves.

Kinda makes the BC Conservatives and the Green Party look appealing doesn’t it?

The election is a little over a week away and already the fun has begun. Stay tuned.

Christy Clark’s Today’s BC Liberals:The Implosion Continues! #bcpoli #christyclark

Christy Clark: Name off the signs: Check .Wonder if they will notice me hiding in the crowd,you know in my heart I’m a……..

Doesn’t matter if her name is in the party logo or not, this is still the Christy Clark led BC Liberals and the party can’t escape that as hard as they try.

Tonight at UBC was the first of many all candidates debates in the riding the premier will eventually lose and she ducked it.

I would expect that ducking debates and staying in hiding will be par for the course throughout this campaign as the party looks to salvage some seats and distance themselves from the mess that Clark has created.

A couple of things worthy of note : The few pro Clark people who are left say wait until the writ has been dropped, Clark is the best campaigner on the planet. The problem with that theory as I have heard many a time over the last little while, is that Clark has been in campaign mode since she was elected by the party. If that’s a great campaigner I’d hate to see what a bad one looks like.

Secondly you only shine in an actual campaign when your party lines up with you and allows you to campaign. Give the scrapping of her name on the logo and her recent disappearing acts I find it hard to believe Clark will be campaigning much at all.

To toss more fuel to the fire comes a report from Keith Baldrey that puts yet another nail in the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberal Party.

Apparently a civil war is brewing inside the party.

Strangely enough battle lines are being drawn over who will take power once the election is over and Clark is cast aside.

With two weeks to go until the writ is dropped it makes you wonder why anybody would want to run for them.( Surrey residents having been asking the question ” Marvin Hunt what were you thinking?”)

Usually political parties wait until after the election to knife their leader. But not the Today’s BC Liberals, they already took the scissors to her name on the signs. A knifing is nothing to this tired crew.

Where will the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals Civil War lead to next?

Who else will lose out in this tired affair ( other than those Liberals who will be swept away by the electorate)? Rich Coleman?

Stay tuned, this election will anything but boring!

Shirley Bond and Pat Bell should do the Right Thing and Step Down! #bcpoli #canpoli #princegeorgewoodinnovationcenter

Kash Heed: For Integrity reasons alone you should resign!

The Prince George Wood Innovation and Design Center has become even more controversial today with BC Liberal Kash Heed calling for his colleagues, Ministers Bell and Bond to resign.

Heed has experience with both ministerial controversy and stepping aside, having done so twice.

Both times Heed did not waste any time doing so.

In his column in the Huffington Post, Heed explains about integrity and why it’s important especially at the executive level of government.

I agree with him and I think the two ministers should stand down until this mess is cleared up.

As Heed says integrity in Government starts right from the executive council down through the backbench.

Lack of trust in the premier and her cabinet is the main reason the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals are so low in the polls and will likely get blown out in the coming election.

The least they could do for the electing public is show a little class before they are shown the door!

Christy Clark: The Comeback Week That Wasn’t! #bcpoli #canpoli #webelievinbc

Christy Clark : Over and almost Out?

It’s amazing what a week does in political life.

I recall the column by Michael Smyth in the Vancouver Province on Sunday March 10.

This past week was supposed to be the week that Christy Clark turned it all around, went on the comeback trail.

Then her alarm went off and it was Monday morning and the comeback that was supposed to be was over.

The Todays BC Liberals and the Premier Christy Clark had more scandals last week than any other week in memory.

Ethnic scandals, Prince George Scandals and even BC Rail reared it’s ugly head. Then there was the little tidbit about the Real Bollywood awards. The one the province didn’t get but could have because of the timing.

The chickens are all coming home in flocks to roost!

Christy Clark for her part is once again hiding from the media.

There is continuing talk of either her imminent resignation or being forced out.

Who knows what will happen this week, in fact there could have been a new scandal while I am writing this.


All these problems beg the question ” If the Todays BC Liberals are the Free Enterprise party run by businessman, how long will these people continue to throw their good money after bad?”

Sitting over in England, one can only imagine how hard Gordon Campbell is laughing while he watches this play out.

Bill Bennett : Social Media Faux Pas Election 2013 #bcpoli #webelieveinbc #canpoli

Bill Bennett: Follow me I am a Role Model!

Through out Election 2013 I will bring you bloopers from the wonderful world of social media. I will discuss their impact, if any, on the campaign. After the campaign is over I will compile a list and you the reader can vote on which one was the worst or best. ( depending on which side of the tweet you sit)

Kevin Krueger’s recent email to the Conservative party and it’s members will be ruled ineligible because it would probably win and heck email is not what everybody thinks of when they think of social media.

Twitter on the other hand is a social media vehicle widely used, perfected by Obama ( yes I gave credit to a Liberal) that will most likely land a number of users in hot water.

I read the tweet from Minister Bennett during a caucus gathering last night and could not believe he would say that the NDP were turds, election hutzpah or not .

This is wrong on more than one front.

Firstly, to refer to anybody as a turd on twitter is a basic Politics social media 101 faux pas that not even a backbencher would dare do that let alone somebody who is a Minister and party Campaign Manager.

The Campaign Manager part is important in that it is the role model that 85 other Today’s BC Liberal campaign managers will look up to.

With Bennett filling that role look for a fairly exciting campaign with lots of faux pas blogs from me and other bloggers.

Secondly and even more telling on the tweet to me was the phrase ” strange that everyone is getting along” because this statement in itself confirms what blogger Alex Tsakumis and others have been saying all along, namely that there is dissension in the Today’s BC Liberal Caucus.

With one tweet we now know that is true. ( Remember Bennett said he was joking about the turds not the dissension).

With a little over a month to go before the writ is dropped to kick off election 2013 the faux pas contest is off to a flying start!

Who will be next?

Stay tuned!