Why the Liberals won’t win the next election: They think they are Better than Everybody!

Terry Becker is too good to shop here!

The BC Liberals have always talked and acted like they are above everybody else.

They try to be smug and convey to people that they are better.

Recently, potential candidate Terry Becker was interviewed by on-line publication Pitt Meadows today

What conveyed that my you know what doesn’t stink , the I am better and above you attitude so prevalent with the BC Liberals and their candidates is this ” Personally, I do not shop at Walmart. I believe that this kind of business does not help our community.”

What a dope!

Walmart not only creates jobs in the community but Terry might be surprised to know a lot of people that shop and work there ACTUALLY VOTE!

Not the type to vote for her of course because , well, she is too good to shop there.

In fact Walmart shoppers and workers everywhere in BC ought to pay heed: The BC Liberals don’t like you!

So Terry if you run for the nomination ( If time allows and you are not busy tweeting from BC Liberal golf tournaments) and the BC Liberal members are dumb enough to vote for you, you deserve what you will get at the ballot box, namely a third or fourth place finish and a hasty exit from politics.

Have we not had our fill of this type of political wanna be?