Christy Clark: The Comeback Week That Wasn’t! #bcpoli #canpoli #webelievinbc

Christy Clark : Over and almost Out?

It’s amazing what a week does in political life.

I recall the column by Michael Smyth in the Vancouver Province on Sunday March 10.

This past week was supposed to be the week that Christy Clark turned it all around, went on the comeback trail.

Then her alarm went off and it was Monday morning and the comeback that was supposed to be was over.

The Todays BC Liberals and the Premier Christy Clark had more scandals last week than any other week in memory.

Ethnic scandals, Prince George Scandals and even BC Rail reared it’s ugly head. Then there was the little tidbit about the Real Bollywood awards. The one the province didn’t get but could have because of the timing.

The chickens are all coming home in flocks to roost!

Christy Clark for her part is once again hiding from the media.

There is continuing talk of either her imminent resignation or being forced out.

Who knows what will happen this week, in fact there could have been a new scandal while I am writing this.


All these problems beg the question ” If the Todays BC Liberals are the Free Enterprise party run by businessman, how long will these people continue to throw their good money after bad?”

Sitting over in England, one can only imagine how hard Gordon Campbell is laughing while he watches this play out.