What is the Worst Scandal Now? #bcpoli #canpoli #scandal

Is this women in on the largest scandal of the day?

With all the mayhem going in in the political world, the political insider thought it is the appropriate time to ask the question; What exactly is the worst scandal going on now?

We have lots to choose from.

1) Senate Scandal

2) Rob Ford

3) Media Scandal

The first one is obvious and doesn’t need a ton of added discussion although the issue of pension plans will raise it’s ugly head. This one is not over yet.

The Rob Ford Scandal is actually two scandals in one. The first being that he smoked crack will employed as a mayor and the second part might be the who can blame him given how the media has treated him since he was elected mayor scandal.

Then there is the media scandal. You know the one where the media determines just what drugs are actually unlawful enough to smoke will you hold elected office.

Right now it’s fashionable in the media to refer to the drugs Rob Ford Smoked as ” Hard” drugs but according to the media it’s cool to smoke pot while you are an elected MP.

One of these gets you the coveted Walter White award, the other gets you on the media fast track list to the Prime Ministers office.

Scandalous all of them to be sure.

Which one is the worst ?