Christy Clark: The Milf Question. #bcpoli #canpoli #christyclark

Cougar: I wouldn’t want to be Christy Clark Either!

I was going to ignore this whole episode but Dave Obee wrote a column in the Times Colonist that reeks of BC Liberal bandwagon and is totally out in LEFT field.

Of course Clark is not facing a double standard.She is dealing with a standard that she created by answering questions off the cuff and without thought.

A sitting premier should have simply said that the question was inappropriate and moved on.

Not Clark, she had to come up with a dumb answer that mocks all women and for that matter certain animals.

This is yet another gaffe not just by Clark but by the very people that handle her.

She should be aware that dumb questions will be asked and know how to answer them.

Any respectable sitting premier would.

Adrian Dix: New Angus Reid Poll Proves He is in the Right Role! #bcpoli #bccp #canpoli

Adrian Dix: The Best Opposition Leader!

Today’s released Angus Reid poll shows Adrian Dix at the top of the list ( tied with Nova Scotia Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil) as the best opposition leader.

Perhaps then since Dix has played the role so well he should be returned there after the next election to continue.

After all if you are good at something you should play to your strengths, correct?

In the who would make the best premier list Brad Wall finished first while Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty
finished last.

This is after McGuinty saw the writing on the wall and announced his resignation.

That would therefore imply that our Premier, Christy Clark,who finished second last would actually be the last once McGuinty leaves.

What should she do?

Criminal legal system in B.C. needs major overhaul ; Who would have guessed!

Christy Clark: What me Worry!

Shocking news today; Geoffrey Cowper released his report on the justice system and it said what we already knew namely that the legal system in BC needs a major overhaul.

Inept Premier Clark created this one man commission to review a justice system that is both prone to meddling from premiers( remember Clark tried to get the hockey riot trials televised) and open to slicing and dicing from political parties when they are looking to save a buck.( remember it was the BC Liberals who cut back on judges and closed court houses earlier on)

This announcement came on the day when 3 more BC Liberals rats jumped from the good ship( not really) SS Christy Clark.

Earlier in the week Kevin Falcon resigned followed today by Abbot,Les and McNeil.

The Premier announced next week there will be cabinet renewal while allowing the three aforementioned rats to maintain their cabinet positions.

Question for the masses: Where on earth ( with earth being her back benches) does Clark think she is going to find people to do this renewal.

Maybe she plans on offloading everything to Shirley Bond?

What do you think, is this the Christy Clark led death spiral we have all been waiting for?

Full Disclosure Needed in Victoria!

5 Years to fix this isn’t long enough!

This past week in BC we have seen two examples where politicians expenses should be fully disclosed.

The first happened with the news of the mess of the BC legislature’s finances.

The second occurred today with the release of the Premier’s office credit card expenses.

This Premier’s office expenses nearly doubled. One reason given was that Clark hosted a couple of Council of Federation meetings. ( Those reading should remember that during the period Campbell’s expenses were audited he hosted a small event known as the Olympics!)

By full disclosure I mean an online view of the actual receipt not just a PDF of the statement.

There should also be an explanation of what the expense was and why it occurred.

As a taxpayer I want to know where these people are spending my money.

The auditor should have power over legislature including the ability to enforce tough penalties when the system is abused.

One penalty that should exist in the case of abuse of expenses ( Taxpayers money) is automatic recall in serious incidents.

The way the system works now,with the politicians overseeing each other, the fox is guarding the hen-house and nothing is happening.

It gives credence to what the average person on the street thinks about our politicians and that would be that they don’t care.

With the reaction this week of Bill Barisoff and the House committee, I would be inclined to agree.

What do you think?

The Enbridge Project: Zero Leadership from Christy Clark!

Terry: Mary what ever happened to Christy what’s her name?

First it was skulking around Alberta and Saskatchewan undercover of darkness so to speak meeting with Premiers Redford and Wall.

Then the big announcement comes from the government and Clark is nowhere to be seen.


The answer is typical Ken Boessenkool playbook strategy.

It goes something like this: When your leader is as low in the polls as Clark is, you hide her for the summer and start over again in the fall.

In Clark’s case it’s worse because even if they need to use her she can’t stay on message and so this fits with the Boessenkool strategy as well.

It’s no small wonder 77% of Albertan’s would rather have Redford as a Premier than our Clark. ( see the poll at the end of the blog written by an Albertan thanking his lucky stars that Clark is not their Premier)

Ordinarily the BC Government should have made a big deal out of Clark’s visit to Edmonton. It should have been showcased as a great stepping stone in the Enbridge project.

Instead as the blogger depicts it was more like a Mafioso Don meeting with the head of another family. I am surprised Clark didn’t hold the meeting in the back of a bakery.

Although what would you expect from a government who invites gangsters to budget meetings.

Not only that but this far into the process and after today’s big announcement they still haven’t taken a position.

Quite frankly I don’t think they will.

I think getting rebuffed by Premier Redford was part of the plan, a plan without leadership.

They will eventually say Alberta is not offering enough.

It is a plan to bow out of Enbridge without taking a stance.

But then what would you expect from a government who has no leader?

Another Poll Another nail in Christy Clark’s Coffin!

The Liberal Vancouver sun continues to run the picture used for affair l’farebeat forgetting that most people would prefer to throw Clark under that train rather than hold Dix accountable for his actions.

Angus Reid released the most damning poll of all for the future on the Clark BC Liberals and for Premier Christy Clark herself!

Not only does the poll show that the BC Conservatives are on the rise ( up 3%) but it also tells the tale of the women voter.

You would think that Clark would have the market cornered on that segment of the population but not so, she has lost that too!

The worst news for Clark and crew to come out of the Angus Reid research?

That would be the numbers that say people feel Dix and the socialists are better able to manage the economy.

I will say that again so there is no mistake: Polled Voters think a bunch of socialists are better able to manage the economy than the supposed Free enterprise Chumpion Clark.

Not only that, the poll goes on to say that 55% of those folk’s opinion of Clark has worsened!

Furthermore 64% of those people disapprove of the way she does the job.

No wonder Dave Hayer didn’t say thanks!

How bad is that?

If the BC Liberal Executive has pulled themselves up off the floor and are paying attention: this poll spells the end of Christina Joan Clark.

You cannot and will not form government in the next election.

In fact the momentum is now with the BC Conservatives!

This poll also sends a message to Peter Brown and it would be : Mr.Brown you are backing the wrong horse!

What do you think?

Premier Christy Clark: Could she be anymore disconnected with voters?

I am not going to answer that on the grounds that every time I talk I sound dumber than the last time!

Every time Christy Clark opens her mouth she proves over and over again she has no clue what the electorate is thinking.

Yesterday in Kamloops she declared that the 2013 election will be about the economy not the HST.

Clark has not figured out that in the upcoming election the main issue has already been defined for her.

It will not be about the economy nor will it be directly about the HST.

Thinking the election will be about the economy shows Clark’s disconnect with the voters and explains why she is so far behind in the polls.

THIS ELECTION WILL BE ABOUT HONESTY AND INTEGRITY something her party is lacking severely .

It will be a referendum on a combination of things including but not limited to HST, BC Rail, Leadership etc. ( Probably by then you can throw in the sale of the Liquor Distribution branch as a sleazy way to balance the budget).

It also shows why I think the party will consider a quick leadership change.

Going into an election with Clark as your leader would be akin to going into the battle of Little Big Horn and putting all your money on General George Armstrong Custer.

We all know how that turned out.

Seems the MSM is also starting to think a leadership change may occur as evidenced in the Times Colonist yesterday.

Make no mistake about it, With Clark as leader the Liberals will get trounced at the ballot box.

You know it, I know it and more importantly the BC Liberals know it!

A leadership change is imminent!

What do you think?

BC Liberal Government Knows They are going to Lose the Next Election!

Clark has already had practice with a concession speech after the HST debacle,she should be good at it by now!

Why else would would they opt for intervener status in the Enbridge oil pipeline proposal.

Not only that but since this is not due to finish until late 2013 they are leaving a hand grenade without the pin for the NDP to deal with.( The dippers are on record as being against this issue which will put them on course for a head on collision with the Harper government should the proposal get “green lighted”)

Before you think I feel bad for the NDP I don’t.

I just think the Clark Government who claims to have a families first agenda,should have at least had some reports or queries to file by the January deadline.

Let’s face it, the Premier is on record saying she will sit squarely on the fence until she sees the results of the study before going one way or another on the issue.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity and at least ask the questions that concern YOU?

Why miss the deadlines Premier?

Better yet if you care so much about the result why not be a government participant in the study?

To me the answer is obvious: The results of the proposal hearing will be released after the election and they know they are going to lose so they don’t care!

What do you think?

What should be happening in the BC Liberal Party.

Time to play Change the Leader!

In light of the damning memo revealed on the blog of Alex G.Tsakumis, my experience in politics tells me that although the Liberals are putting on a brave face, discussions have to have started within the BC Liberal Party with respect to Clark and her leadership.

I believe and have seen this before that the time for pussy footing around is long past.

The BC Liberal Executive would have at the very least discussed this issue over the phone and if they haven’t met in person will do so shortly.

As well I am sure the cabinet or members of the BC Liberal Cabinet would have or will start discussing Clark’s leadership too!

For these people it is a matter of survival especially for the elected MLA’s for who this is their job.

You will soon see that the family first agenda applies to their families.

I am sure that the Executive will ( if they have not already) reach out too a trusted colleague like a Shirley Bond .

They would probably want her as a senior cabinet minister to approach the Premier and ask her to step down.

That person would meet with cabinet and discuss the best approach.

This happens only when the party is serious about cleaning up its act in the short term as surely the Liberals would be now.

The nagging question is Who will replace Clark?

Adrian Dix ; A Discriminating Look at a Potential Premier!

Adrian Dix ; White men need not apply!

So the latest poll shows farebeater and NDP leader Adrian Dix picking up a few points in the best overall potential premier category dropping soon to be deposed BC Liberal Leader and current Premier Christy Clark into second place.

If Dix wins what will he stand for?

Today we begin an 11 month long series into what BC Might look like under Adrian Dix,

We will begin with..Discrimination.

At the recent BC NDP Annual convention Dix went on the record when he said “as of the 2013 provincial election, elected female NDP MLAs who retire will only be able to be replaced with another woman. Male MLAs who retire will have to be replaced with either a woman or a member of an equity-seeking group, such as a member of a First Nation.”

In other words if you are not a woman nor a part of an equity-seeking group you need not apply.

Dix passes the off as controversial and says it will affect only a small number of seats because the BCNDP is so sure they are going to win nobody will quit.

It is a lot more than controversial, it is basic discrimination aka racism.

But to Dix and his party a little bit of discrimination is okay as long as it is contained.

If you were a regular company posting this as part of a job ad you would be drawn and quartered by both the labor board and a human rights council.

So in a BC under Adrian Dix and the BC NDP discrimination is acceptable.

Is this what you want your province to look like?