Post Cards From The Base : Senate Reform Three Bodies at a Time!

This place wood make a great addition to the Parliament hill library.

With all the shenanigans going on in the senate this week the reports are starting to come out that the Conservative base is incensed and the whole show had better be over by Convention next week etc.

I thought as a member of the so-called base I would chime in and let you know how incensed I am.

First and foremost Claude Carignan did the right thing with the motion to suspend the three senators in question because as a Conservative and a taxpayer I don’t think any of the three of them should be in the senate.

Carignan screwed up today when he offered the idiot Senator Brazeau a deal to make an apology.

As anybody who has followed the news in the last year or two, Brazeau is the equivalent of common household trash and should have be shown the door immediately. He should have been suspended the first time he was hauled before the courts.

In fact anybody who treats women they way he allegedly does should be allowed to hold down a job never mine be an esteemed member of the so-called senate.

As for the other two ( Wailing Wallin and The Duff) close the book on them and throw them out and lets get on to bigger and better things.

Bigger things like abolishing the senate in under a year and without Court or Quebec’s approval. It’s simple really.

Given that there are 105 Senators in the Senate ( 102 after next week) we could throw out 3 per week and basically the whole senate would be redundant in under 35 weeks.

I would start with Red Tory Cry baby Hugh ( I should been an NDPer) Segal. I mean as a taxpayer he is wasting my money acting as Wailing Wallin’s agent in this whole mess. It seems every-time a problem arises in the senate Segal is there shooting his mouth off.

Segal needs to be reminded that the so-called war between the Progressives and the Alliance is over and he lost.

Then toss Don ( this breaks my heart to screw over the boss ) Plett.

Please Don, the world forgot you existed hiding away in the senate, ( we liked it that way you weren’t that good as a Canadian Alliance President) take a hike, you don’t need to be on TV.

The list would go on and on.

So am I incensed?

You bet, I am incensed the bloody place is still there.

Prime Minister Harper, you just had a great Throne Speech and an awesome free trade deal with the EU.

You now have a chance to clean up the mess in the Senate.

Make us proud, throw all the bums out, 3 at a time!