Shirley Bond and Pat Bell should do the Right Thing and Step Down! #bcpoli #canpoli #princegeorgewoodinnovationcenter

Kash Heed: For Integrity reasons alone you should resign!

The Prince George Wood Innovation and Design Center has become even more controversial today with BC Liberal Kash Heed calling for his colleagues, Ministers Bell and Bond to resign.

Heed has experience with both ministerial controversy and stepping aside, having done so twice.

Both times Heed did not waste any time doing so.

In his column in the Huffington Post, Heed explains about integrity and why it’s important especially at the executive level of government.

I agree with him and I think the two ministers should stand down until this mess is cleared up.

As Heed says integrity in Government starts right from the executive council down through the backbench.

Lack of trust in the premier and her cabinet is the main reason the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals are so low in the polls and will likely get blown out in the coming election.

The least they could do for the electing public is show a little class before they are shown the door!

Pat Bell says the loss of 15,000 jobs is OK!

Pat Bell: So what everybody is doing it!


Coming on the heels of this mornings reports about job losses, Cabinet Minister Pat Bell says it’s okay.

His reason: It’s Okay because it’s a Canada wide thing.

Gimme a break Pat,since when is it okay to walk down the road to have not status.

It’s like the old saying if you jumped off a bridge would I? Not likely.

For a government whose premier campaigned on a jobs and family first platform,this response is atrocious.

Just another reason why the arrogant,complacent BC Liberal party has to be replaced.

What do you think?

Do not believe the B.C.Liberals claim to be good economic managers!

Question to either of you: What is more substantial $20 million or $40 million?

Think back to 2008 when the economy started to deteriorate and governments around the world started to put plans in place to survive economic recessions.

Think a little further ahead to May of 2009 when the provincial election was on and then Premier Gordon Campbell tried to make you believe in light of the turmoil his party was the only one to lead you through tough economic times.

He told you that his government managed to hold the deficit to 495 million and that alone should be enough to garner your support.

Then a few short months after the election the same Party with a reelected Premier told you that no; the budget had ballooned to $2.8 million but that it could be kept under control by a 1.6 billion payment from the Federal government if we implemented a thing called the HST.

Remember the feeling you had as you thought through all of this and wondered to yourself ” I am not an economic manager, I am just a regular person sitting at home who knew they economy was worse than they said, why didn’t the B.C.Liberals know this and be more on top of it than they were?”

I mean after all,they are the ones with the Finance department who is paid to research these kind of things,not you or me.

Remember you also asked yourself ” Why on earth did I vote for these people?”

I throw this out there because as I read Vaughn Palmer’s excellent column in the Vancouver Sun today, I was reminded of the Liberals economic mismanagement.

In particular a couple of quotes stood out: in 2011 Minister Pat Bell said that 20 million dollars was a substantial sum of money for the naming rights to BC Place.Then one year later the same Minister said 40 million was not good value for the taxpayers for the same rights.

Without discussing all the cost overruns and deficits in the BC Place project,one thing is abundantly clear: if a Minister in the BC Liberal Government thinks $20 million is substantial and $40 million is not, how can they lay claim to being good economic managers for the province?

They can’t and never will be able to again.

Don’t you agree?

Hey Pat,Does that $850,000 include the $780,000 for the pamphlet you threw in the garbage?

Minster Pat Bell said today, after it came out that they had spent $17,000 on a photo-op for the Premier,it was OK because “as of 45 days ago they had only spent $850,000”.

In the manner of the pot calling the kettle black,Adrian Dix said this ad was merely a re-branding of the Premier. Uh Adrian,how many times have you been re-branded over the years anyways?

Minister Bell,that $850,000,does it contain the $780,000 for the HST pamphlet you tossed in the garbage?