Updated:The Globe and Mail Alienates Their Readers Once Again! #bcpoli #webelieveinbc #election2013

More Shoddy Journalism from Canada’s National Newspaper.

29% of Liberal Voters have had enough of their own party so says today’s release of an Angus Reid Poll.

The Angus Reid poll says that if an election were held today 47% would vote for the BCNDP and 31% would vote for the BC Liberals.It goes on to say that the Conservatives and Greens polled?

It doesn’t..

In a slap in the face to those voters and readers who might vote Green or Conservative the Globe doesn’t even bother to tell you what they polled.

Writer Hume says that the poll is based on decided voters. So just what percentage of voters polled were decided? undecided?

Who knows ( other than Angus Reid) because the Globe certainly didn’t share that fact.

Nope the Globe doesn’t think those numbers are important enough to share with it’s readers.

The Globe used to live and die by it’s mantra “Well Written,Well Read”

Not Anymore.


Updated: The Poll