Another MLA Says Good Bye and thanks everybody except Christy Clark!

Hayer: If I just give her a swift kick in the ass it would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people!

Long time MLA Dave Hayer bid provincial politics good-bye today and he like most of the cast before him thanked everybody except Premier Christy Clark. ( Cue Kash Heed’s swan song)

Hayer even took time in his statement to thank Gordon Campbell.

It wasn’t that long ago the BC Liberal Caucus Crew couldn’t get rid of Campbell fast enough and now on the way out they give him plaudits.

It just shows you how low Clark has taken the party when those leaving don’t bother to say thanks.

Kind of makes you think they are all leaving because of her. ( They are 67% of the voting public don’t trust her,why should her caucus)

Hayer’s middle finger to Clark is even more significant than Heed’s, after all they worked together when the BC Liberals first came to power!

Who will go through the revolving door next at Chez Christy Clark Liberals?

Do you have any idea?