Guns Guns Guns:You be the Red King… #canpoli #bcpoli #election2015

What did you think,I would have a picture of a gun?

To those of us who are old enough to remember; the title of this blog piece is a line from a famous song by the Guess Who.

To those of us old enough to vote that line may well be the ballot box question during the Canadian federal election in October of 2015.

As of right now the cops and the military need guns to protect the people from the bad guys.

Add to that the farmers need guns because they are to far away from the cops and the military to get quick help and you have a formula for a another Conservative party of Canada win.

Everybody always says it’s the economy stupid and this will be no different.

After all if everybody is safe and sound and buying guns won’t the economy just hum along.

What do you think the ballot box question will be?

Justin Trudeau Walks into a Royal Bank….. #bcpoli #canpoli

ID? Please, I can always prove who I am!

Justin Trudeau walks into a Royal Bank to cash a cheque. As he approaches the cashier he says, “Good morning, Ma’am, could you please cash this cheque for me?

Cashier:”It would be my pleasure sir. Could you please show me your ID?”

Trudeau:”Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn’t think there was any need to. I am Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada!!!!”

Cashier: “Yes sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers and requirements of the CIDC legislation, etc., I must insist on seeing ID.”

Trudeau: Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am.”

Cashier: “I am sorry, Mr. Trudeau, but these are the bank rules and I must follow them.”

Trudeau:” Mon dieu. I am urging you, please, to cash this cheque.”

Cashier: “Look Mr. Trudeau, here is an example of what we can do.

One day, Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putter and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his cheque.

Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racket and made a fabulous shot whereas the tennis ball landed in my cup. With that shot we cashed his cheque.

So, Mr. Trudeau, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you?

Trudeau stands there thinking, and thinking, and finally says, “Honestly, my mind is a total blank…there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can’t think of a single thing. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I really don’t have a clue.”

Cashier: “Will that be large or small bills, Mr. Trudeau…?

Fyi : I did not write this but thought it was real enough to share…

Federal Election 2015 : The fight for the Left has Begun! #canpoli #bcpoli

Here’s a Ghost that Mulcair should resurrect!

With Justin Trudeau trying to get Jack Layton’s ghost to rise in Liberal red, The fight has begun in the run-up to the next federal election.

This will seem like it’s a US election given it’s pretty much two years until we go to the polls in October 2015.

Usually the Liberal party starts to troll for NDP support in the last to weeks of an actual campaign with their silly ” don’t vote NDP it’s a vote for the Conservatives” nonsense.

Make no mistake about it the fight is on and NDPer Brad Lavigne came out and countered with a rebuttal to Trudeau’s nonsense.

It was the right thing to do because of course Trudeau is No Jack Layton. He’s actually more like BC NDPer Adrian Dix was , a leader short on policy and capable of saying things that catch even his own party of guard.

As Mr. Lavigne alludes to, the fight for the left started before that with the Liberals being caught trashing election signs in the Toronto Center riding.

I would expect that the folk in the NDP war room will roll back the tapes on the career of Trudeau’s old Man to ensure the voting public that his ghost will rise and remind the public what a mess he made of Canada.

I mean turn about is fair play isn’t it?

Justin Trudeau: Let the Coronation Begin! #bcpoli #canpoli #liberalleadership

The Future Liberal King!

With news that Marc Garneau is pulling out of the Liberal Leadership race, I would imagine that there are high fives all around the PMO today.

This announcement confirms that the Liberals will indeed have a Leadership Coronation whose result will lead to vote splits between the Liberals and the NDP in key ridings across Canada.

This will produce the obvious result of another Conservative majority which will set off another round of merger talks between the Liberals and the dippers.

Trudeau for his part is probably too busy to notice that Garneau pulled out given all the whining for an extension to register voters to the coronation.

Justin, Or Pierre Junior as he is sometimes referred, should have a better get out the vote team in place.

When the election that matters comes, there are no extensions.

Once the polls close it’s over.

As it almost certainly will be for the Liberal Party and Trudeau’s Prime Ministerial aspirations.

The Rise of the Greens!

Close But No Green Cigar Liz!

The people have spoken and the Stephen Harper led Conservatives have won two out of three seats in today`s by-elections.

The big story out of the by-elections tonight is the rise of the green party who took 25% of the vote in Calgary and at least 35% of the Vote in Victoria.

Is this a trend or is this a mini protest vote against all of the parties.

I think this is a protest vote period!

In Calgary some are pissed at the Conservative Party of Canada but a lot walked from Justin and his team after some blazing gaffes in the past week.

The folks in Red are probably crying in the back rooms over what could have been.

The Razor thin NDP win in Victoria with a somewhat safe NDP seat going down until the final polls is a poke in the eye to Tommy Mulcair and dutch elm disease. ( Traditionally the Conservatives have never been much of a factor in this riding and in fact it used to be a Liberal seat that David Anderson occupied).

It probably took Jack Layton crying out from the grave to rescue this seat.

The message here is that all parties better their act together before 2015 especially the opposition.

In fact today Joyce Murray entered the Liberal leadership race with her plan of only running one opposition party candidate against the Conservatives in the next election.( She means run either a Green,Liberal or NDPer)

I can imagine the backroom fighting,

I can also imagine it never flying.

Just wait until the blame game starts tomorrow!

Christy Clark Threatens to Trip the Circuit Breakers!

Christy Clark: Sorry Justin but nobody takes center stage from me!

Not wanting to be one-upped on the news high-lites by the likes of Justin Trudeau, Knucklehead Premier Christy Clark used the occasion of the opening of Trudeau’s coronation to tell the world she will withhold electricity if the pipeline goes ahead without her okay.

One problem with what Clark said is that if and when it gets to that point she will either have been ousted by her own party or sent packing by an angry electorate.

Justin Trudeau on the other hand, well, his world, is about to get a whole lot more exciting after announcing tonight that his hat is in the ring to lead the Liberal Marijuana Party of Canada to oblivion.

I am sure The Prime Minister is sitting back thinking this is the best thing that could have happened to him and the Conservative party.

Trudeau, if as expected, waltzes to the LMPofC leadership more or less uncontested, he will have more than Prime Minister to contend with.

Tommy Mulcair is no dummy and wants to hold onto the title of Patron Saint of Quebec. Trudeau will not get seats in his home province without a fight.

A fight that bodes well for Conservative Party fortunes across Canada as both the NDP and the LMPofC clash and prepare to split whatever vote is out there allowing Harper’s team to come up through the middle and win seats they don’t currently have.

It’s also possible, although I never take the electorate for granted, that the CPC will pick up additional seats with the new riding redistribution under way and expected to be in place before the 2015 campaign.

This should make for a larger majority in 2015 than they have now.

Speaking of elections,Liberals in BC complained during the 2011 federal campaign that they were tarred and feathered with the Gordon Campbell Liberal brush. Just wait until they get painted with the Christy Clark ” I am a federal Liberal in my heart brush”

They will also have the Ghost of Justin’s old man to contend with.For years the west has wanted in and now that we are ” aint no man named Trudeau going take that away from us”

The next LMPof C leader has his work cut out for him. ( it will be no cakewalk for Mulcair either, as by the time 2015 rolls around, Adrian Dix and the BCNDP will have had two years to screw up enough things to have their share of doors slammed in their faces too)

For Justin Trudeau to succeed and show the country he will do politics different and more exciting, he will have to be just like his dad.

He will have to be like his dad in that he will have to stand at the ready with his middle finger, the only difference being he will have to wave it at his own party establishment rather than the electorate in Salmon Arm,BC.

The folks in the LMPofC establishment will no doubt try and refine Justin’s image,something that he cannot allow to happen.( Look for fallout here too!)

What do you think will happen?

Elizabeth May just might have forced the Supreme Courts hand!

Boris: Elizabeth who? I have no idea who you are talking about!

Boris Wrzesnewskyj is probably crying in his corn flakes right about now.

If the members of the Supreme Court happen to read the Globe and see this piece it will give them yet another reason to over turn the judgement of the Ontario Court.

MS. May makes my argument for me, that the result from the election should be allowed to stand simply because voting conditions have changed since May 2011.

Election Canada has also said time and time again that we are talking about 20 or 30 votes which although are just as important as every other vote didn’t necessarily go to Conservative candidate Opitz.They could have been spread out equally amongst the parties.

I think common sense will prevail and the Supreme Court will over rule Ontario and ask Elections Canada to clean up their act.

As for Elizabeth May, Canadians and Conservative voters probably owe her a thanks.

Her ridiculous idea and strategy probably just saved us the cost of a by-election.

What are your thoughts?

Greens and Liberals to Merge?

Not even she is that dumb!

No not as long as Elizabeth May represents Saanich-Gulf Islands.


The Number one reason the Liberals and the Greens will not Merge?

The Good People of Saanich-Gulf Islands will never in a million years elect a Liberal.

Elizabeth May will lose her seat and that will be it.

Still not convinced, the thousands of volunteers that came from all over Canada to elect Elizabeth May will stay home ( they are not Liberals) and you can refer back to reason number one why she will lose her seat.

Care to comment?

Trudeau Praises Kenney; Says he is Nothing like Nixon!

Politicians have been known to Tweet before they think!

Justin Trudeau took to Twitter today to tweet that Jason Kenney was nothing like Richard Nixon because Nixon apologized to his dad after calling him an asshole.

Most of us are glad Jason Kenney is nothing like Richard Nixon. Most readers will recall Nixon losing the Presidency after “Watergate” became public.

For not being a crook we a applaud Minister Kenney and thank Mr. Trudeau for reminding us of his good character!

Latest poll shows Trudeau frontrunner in Liberal Leadership!

42% of Polled Canadians think this is the guy to lead the Liberal Party Back to Prominence. Will the those same people allow their taxes to be increased so that we may build hospital rooms so that they may be committed?

Uh huh. Most Liberals polled will back Justin Trudeau if he runs to become leader of the Liberal Party!

Canadians polled pick Trudeau to be the leader to revive the Liberal Party and restore it to first place ( 40% for Liberals with Trudeau,30% For Conservatives and 21% for the Dippers.

What has always baffled me about politics and leadership contests in general is that Canadians always seem to want the guy who doesn’t want the job.

In Trudeau’s case he has told the Liberal Party some many times, you kind of want to get the barf bag every time they ask the question.

In most Leadership books I have read, one of the top qualities of successful leaders is that they have to want to lead.

If they don’t, no matter how much begging you do when they eventually kowtow to what people want they fail miserably.

There are leaders that say no because while they are chicken, as in Justin probably didn’t want to run against Bob because well he thought Bob would win and didn’t want to go through that.

Chicken because they don’t want to be hammered in the press or by campaign advertising. ( Justin will make a mess of and alienate Western Canadians just like his father did!)

Some have the potential to lead but aren’t ready for the scope of the job that people want them to lead.

I have a hard time envisioning Justin Trudeau on the national stage representing Canada as PM in an emergency economic summit meeting. ( If you are still wondering why revisit the picture at the top of this post)

What about you, do you think Justin Trudeau is leadership material or is he a chicken?