Hunter Gets Suspended for Sexual Harassment! #uspoli #canpoli #stupid

What in the world is sex?

Insanity prevails in Colorado elementary school as 6 year old Hunter Yelton got suspended from school for kissing another six year old girl on the hand during class.

The Superintendent of schools ( obviously a moron) suspended the kid and labeled it as sexual harassment.

6 years old and the kid is tagged as a sexual harasser.

It came about because other kids in the class complained to the teacher ( not the girl) who escalated the heinous crime.

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned meeting between both sets of parents and the kids to explain that this kind of behavior was wrong? (should the little girl actually be afraid of Hunter you might find that out during that discussion)

Whatever happened to good old fashion common sense?

Why are morons in charge of school systems. ( this one should have been sent home himself)

The story, due to the stupidity of the aforementioned bureaucrat has gone viral and the school has since recanted and Hunter can return to school.

What next?