Is a Constitutional Scrap on the Horizon? #bcpoli #canpoli

Creating Winning Conditions for What?

Everybody’s favorite rich Socialist Pauline Marois is cruising for a scrap with the federal government and yes by extension the Rest Of Canada.

The doors are opened in three different areas:

1) senate reform or abolition

2) the secular bill

3) the use of the word banque or bank by the Quebec government to create their new institution.

On their own each would be no big deal,but grouped together is a different story.

The PQ could attempt to created “winning Conditions” as they have so often promised so that they can stage another referendum.

I think this is only the first stage of mayhem in Quebec and that the winning conditions that Marois and company want are the winning conditions for a provincial election.

They want to go to the people of Quebec and say that the minority government is not working and use these arguments to get a majority.

Then and only then will they be able to get tough with the government and yes by extension with the ROC.

In addition they have also helped their Federal friends because they have flushed out Trudeau and Mulcair thereby drawing a line in the sand between those two and the Bloc for the 2015 federal election.

So to call Pauline Marois ignorant of the rest of Canada as the Toronto Star did is wrong.

She knows exactly which buttons to push.

There is never a dull moment in Quebec is there?