Adrian Dix ; A Discriminating Look at a Potential Premier!

Adrian Dix ; White men need not apply!

So the latest poll shows farebeater and NDP leader Adrian Dix picking up a few points in the best overall potential premier category dropping soon to be deposed BC Liberal Leader and current Premier Christy Clark into second place.

If Dix wins what will he stand for?

Today we begin an 11 month long series into what BC Might look like under Adrian Dix,

We will begin with..Discrimination.

At the recent BC NDP Annual convention Dix went on the record when he said “as of the 2013 provincial election, elected female NDP MLAs who retire will only be able to be replaced with another woman. Male MLAs who retire will have to be replaced with either a woman or a member of an equity-seeking group, such as a member of a First Nation.”

In other words if you are not a woman nor a part of an equity-seeking group you need not apply.

Dix passes the off as controversial and says it will affect only a small number of seats because the BCNDP is so sure they are going to win nobody will quit.

It is a lot more than controversial, it is basic discrimination aka racism.

But to Dix and his party a little bit of discrimination is okay as long as it is contained.

If you were a regular company posting this as part of a job ad you would be drawn and quartered by both the labor board and a human rights council.

So in a BC under Adrian Dix and the BC NDP discrimination is acceptable.

Is this what you want your province to look like?