Obama: The Lame Duck is getting ready to Quack! #closethegap #yearofAction #lameduck #bcpoli #sotuinthreewords #uspoli

Were You Expecting anything different? #Lameduck

The Lame Duck President is moments away from starting is annual “Quack Off” known as the State of the Union which will contain numerous threats of executive orders and proceeding without congress etc. ( Of course We the People elected Congress but Obama doesn’t care)

He will blather on about how he needs to jack up the minimum wage to federal workers when a large portion of interns don’t even get paid.

He will say this has to be a year of action and that they have to get things done. Uniquely the Republicans will say the the same thing only with a different end game in mind.

He will talk ad nauseum about the fact that most people work longer hours for less while the 1% has gotten better off conveniently leaving out the part that this is his second term and it was him that more or less did nothing in the first ( You can’t count Obama-care because that is a screw up of Herculean proportions).

Throughout the night the pundits will slice and dice the speech and score it a win or a loss and if you stay awake through it all the Republicans will scowl and the Democrats will howl.( With the noted exception of Hilary Clinton who will wonder yet again why this knucklehead got the nomination a head of her).

The 30 million people that will tune in to watch this nonsense would more than likely be better served by watching the war of tweets unfold on Twitter.

At least there they will have some good laughs and yes they will all have one thing in common:They can all cry out that they wasted an hour and it will be 140 characters or less and look like this : #sotuinthreewords !

Enjoy the hour and Quack on Mr.President!