Christy Clark:Where is She and for that Matter Where is the MSM ?

You have just as much chance of locating Christy Clark as you do the MSM. Look hard enough and you might at least find Waldo!

Once again Premier Christy Clark disappears when it’s time to get into the tough discussions. Last week it was Fostergate and this week it’s Slatergate.

Where is the Premier when top notch leadership is needed?

For that matter where is the MSM?

Clark’s office says they cannot not support Slater due to personal reasons.

Given the Liberals track record with sludge and scandal one can only wonder how bad those reasons are.

Once again however, the MSM is MIA and the Slater story is already on its way to the bottom of the page.

What’s with that?

Had this been a scandal involving the NDP ( Such as the leader of the opposition skipping out on a fare) it might headline for a day.

Go figure.