Surrey Municipal Election : It’s time for a Change, It’s Time for Rasode! #surrey #rasode #bcpoli #canpoli

Dianne Watts: Priorities are all wrong!

If ever there was an example of why it’s time for a change in Surrey, todays’ quick thinking action by Councilor Barinder Rasode is an example of why we need somebody like her in the Mayor’s chair.

Rsaode, who was already making plans to add lighting to the recreation centers in Surrey, is on top of the problem and has been since the unfortunate death of hockey mom Julie Paskall and responded in kind when reporter Janet Brown witnessed a drug deal outside a Surrey recreation center.

Watts on the other hand has been missing in action on the file while she has been off arguing about the transit referendum question with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Note to Watts: If you are not sure what the provincial objective is going into the referendum why not lean across the council table and ask Marvin Hunt ? He is both a councilor and a provincial MLA. You would think he could clue you in there wouldn’t you?

Barinder Rasode has her priorities right! While transit is important, it is even more vital that the good citizens of Surrey ( those visiting as well) stay alive long enough to actually board a bus or get in the car. She knows that Surrey needs to be safe.

It’s why more and more people are saying it’s time for a change, it’s time for Rasode.

I couldn’t agree more!

Rumor Du Jour-Surrey Municipal! #bcpoli #surrey #canpoli

A new slate at Surrey City hall?

Heard this past week in Surrey is talk of a new slate to be put together in time for the November Municipal elections.

As the story goes the new slate would be headed by mayoralty candidate Barinder Rasode.

Her slate would take on the invincible Surrey mayor Dianne Watts.

Apparently the Mayor is not so incincible with the lack of police and the recent Surrey hockey Mom Murder.

Watts has done a great job in her tenure as Mayor but so has Rasode in her role as a councilor.

I met her last week at the Surrey Women’s Center.She was excellent and would be a good mayor too!

It would also be good for the city to have some strong competition for Watts come the election as the last election was a cakewalk for her and her slate and a lot of people didn’t even bother to vote.

It also adds fuel to the fire of the other rumor drifting around Surrey.

That would be Watts leaving to run federally for the Conservative party.

Heard any rumors? Drop me a confidential line through the contact page and I’ll dig around and report what I find.