Justin Trudeau: Let the Coronation Begin! #bcpoli #canpoli #liberalleadership

The Future Liberal King!

With news that Marc Garneau is pulling out of the Liberal Leadership race, I would imagine that there are high fives all around the PMO today.

This announcement confirms that the Liberals will indeed have a Leadership Coronation whose result will lead to vote splits between the Liberals and the NDP in key ridings across Canada.

This will produce the obvious result of another Conservative majority which will set off another round of merger talks between the Liberals and the dippers.

Trudeau for his part is probably too busy to notice that Garneau pulled out given all the whining for an extension to register voters to the coronation.

Justin, Or Pierre Junior as he is sometimes referred, should have a better get out the vote team in place.

When the election that matters comes, there are no extensions.

Once the polls close it’s over.

As it almost certainly will be for the Liberal Party and Trudeau’s Prime Ministerial aspirations.