Carol Berner: Put This Women in Jail Please! #bcpoli #canpoli #britishcolumbia #madd

Carol is a Criminal;She belongs in Jail!

This is not my usual political column but I have had enough!

Carol Berner got drunk,lost control of her car and killed a little girl.

Enough with the appeals and bs, send her to jail.

Enough of the silliness, Carol is a criminal who killed a little girl and only got 2.5 years.

That sentence in itself is a mere pittance compared to Alexa’s life and the sentence her parents will serve without her.

It is an insult to all concerned that she is outside on bail.

It is time for this nonsense to stop not just in this case but in other similar cases.

Carol should be in jail and if by some chance the key to that cell was lost after she was locked in, the world would be better for it!

Alexa is an Angel, she should be alive but Carol took that from her!